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Aeromics, Inc. Appoints Pharmaceutical and Biotech Veterans Mark Day, Ph.D. and Thomas Zindrick, J.D. to Its Board of Directors


Dr. Day is renowned for his neuroscience and business development
accomplishments and Mr. Zindrick is prominently recognized for his legal
and corporate governance experience

("Aeromics" or "the Company"), a privately-held,
clinical-stage pharmaceutical company focused on controlling cerebral
edema, or brain swelling, for people affected by disabling and
life-threatening severe ischemic stroke, announced today the
appointments of Mark Day, Ph.D. and Thomas Zindrick, J.D. to the
Aeromics board of directors.

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Mark Day, Ph.D., director, president and chief executive officer, Bioasis Technologies, Inc.

Mark Day, Ph.D., director, president and chief executive officer, Bioasis Technologies, Inc.

"Mark and Tom bring extensive leadership and drug development experience
to our board," said Jeffrey P. Draime, chairman of the board, Aeromics.
"Both of these individuals have achieved tremendous success in advancing
medicine. Their backgrounds within major pharmaceutical companies and
biotech will add significant value to our board. Their contributions
will be important as we move forward to the successful completion of our
clinical trials."

Mark Day, Ph.D. is a director and the president and chief
executive officer at Bioasis
Technologies Inc.
((TSX.V:BTI, OTCQB:BIOAF). Dr. Day also serves as
adjunct associate professor at Yale University. Dr. Day has more than 20
years of experience working in the industry. He has developed business
plans for Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Wyeth, Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) and
Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) in multiple functional areas ranging from the
development of external research discovery engines and global scouting
strategies to the creation of internal venture/investment funds. He has
established and managed more than 20 collaborations, mergers and
acquisitions and licensing deals in research and development (R&D) and
business development. Dr. Day was head of translational medicine
neuroscience at Wyeth and was the co-chair of the early development
team. At Abbott, he was responsible for translational imaging and
biomarkers across the R&D portfolios. At BMS, Dr. Day was instrumental
in the acquisition of iPierian and he has developed strategies that can
shorten evaluation periods by several months, leading to early decisions
regarding the advancement or early termination of the evaluative
processes. Dr. Day previously served as head, CNS virtual discovery, at
Purdue Pharma. Prior to joining Purdue Pharma, he served as executive
director, head of external research and scouting, at Alexion
Pharmaceuticals, Inc. He is widely recognized for his expertise and
success in the recognition, evaluation and development of pipeline
acquisition and collaboration targets across several therapeutic areas.
Dr. Day has presented his evaluations and formal recommendations at the
highest corporate levels and has also participated in the resulting deal
negotiations, leading to several high-profile acquisitions and
collaborations. He has more than 60 peer-reviewed manuscripts on
translational medicine, impulsivity, stroke, cognitive dysfunction in
neurological and psychiatric illness such as Alzheimer's diseases and
ADHD, including first authorships in Nature, Science,
Nature Neuroscience, Neuroimaging, Proceedings of the Royal

Dr. Day earned his bachelor of science degree in biological psychology
and his doctor of philosophy degree in neuroscience from Cardiff
University. He completed his post doctorate studies in systems level
neuroscience at The University of Edinburgh under Professor Richard G.
Morris, FRS., FRSE.

"I am absolutely delighted to join the board of Aeromics at such an
exciting time for the company. Their Phase 1 is progressing well, and
the company's novel approach to the treatment of CNS edema and stroke
has the potential to radically change the prognosis of these diseases
and significantly treat and improve lives of patients and their
caregivers," said Dr. Day. "One of the wonderful attributes of the
Aeromics approach is the simplicity of their scientific story. In a
nutshell, by simply blocking water from entering the CNS, via aquaporin
4 blockade, they have an excellent shot on goal. I look forward to
working with the board, Marc Pelletier and his management team to help
shape a successful development path."

Thomas Zindrick, J.D. is the president and chief executive
officer of Genelux
, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company. He is a
distinguished life sciences and biotechnology executive with a career
spanning more than 25 years. Mr. Zindrick joined Genelux Corporation in
May 2014 after retiring from Amgen, Inc. where he built his 16-year
career. He has also served as chief executive officer of Amitech
Therapeutic Solutions, Inc., a La Jolla, Calif.-based discovery and drug
development company focused on commercializing allosteric kinase

During his career at Amgen, Mr. Zindrick held positions of increasing
responsibility, including vice president, associate general counsel and
chief compliance officer. As vice president, associate general counsel,
Mr. Zindrick led intellectual property, licensing and regulatory law
teams, and served on cross-functional business and product development
teams. These teams were responsible for acquisitions totaling over $20
billion and the licensing and development of six therapeutic products
and numerous clinical candidates. As chief compliance officer, he
reported to the board of directors and led the corporate compliance
program, which oversaw the compliance activities of numerous company
functions including product development, manufacturing and marketing.
Prior to joining Amgen, Mr. Zindrick was an attorney at The Dow Chemical

Mr. Zindrick earned his juris doctor degree from the University of
Illinois College of Law and a bachelor of arts degree in biology from
North Central College in Naperville, Ill.

"I am thrilled to join the board of Aeromics and look forward to
partnering with Marc and his team," said Mr. Zindrick. "I am pleased to
be in a position to help bring this desperately needed therapy to
patients and physicians."


Every 50 seconds someone in the United States suffers from a stroke.
Roughly 800,000 strokes are seen in the U.S. each year, of which
approximately 692,000 are acute ischemic strokes. An estimated 140,000
patients with large hemispheric infarction suffer life-threatening and
severely disabling cerebral edema, or brain swelling, and may benefit
from an anti-edema medication.


AER-271 is a patented, intravenous (IV) prodrug that delivers AER-270, a
potent inhibitor of Aquaporin-4 (AQP4) water channels, to the
neurovascular unit. These channels are the primary route of water
movement into the central nervous system (CNS) under conditions of
ischemia. The osmotic imbalance and subsequent influx of water via AQP4
occurs as a result of a lack of oxygen and leads to edema (swelling),
midline shift, increased intracranial pressure and brain herniation
resulting in permanent disability or death. AER-271 is an
investigational drug and is not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug


Aeromics is a privately-held, clinical-stage pharmaceutical company
developing a first-in-class anti-edema therapy to treat patients
affected by acute central nervous system edema as a consequence of large
hemispheric infarction. A paradigm shift in the understanding of water
physiology was the discovery aquaporins, proteins that form water
channels to allow water in and out of cells, by Peter Agre (2003 Nobel
Prize in Chemistry). Despite the vital role of aquaporins in maintaining
water homeostasis and its implications in various disease states,
therapeutic agents targeting aquaporins have remained elusive until now.
Aeromics was founded in 2006 by Marc F. Pelletier, M.Sc., Ph.D. and
Walter F. Boron M.D., Ph.D., both Yale University scientists. Aeromics
maintains headquarters in Branford, Conn. with offices in Cleveland,
Ohio. For more information, please visit:

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