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Powering Online Wealth: TradeIt Integrates with IBM Cloud for Financial Services [CT1] to bring portfolio and order management tools to developers


Point72-backed firm reaches 40B in wealth by redefining growth
measures for API providers

TradeIt, an integrated application programming interface (API) platform
linking investors to online brokers, is working with IBM to help
developers bring portfolio and order management tools to their end
users. Understanding that consumers are increasingly using apps and
social networks to propel their business and manage personal finances,
TradeIt's integration into the IBM Cloud for Financial Services will
allow app developers to access the best in class API solution for apps
that are safe and secure for the end-user.

"APIs are the answer to the growing problem of ensuring the privacy of
consumers' financial data, particularly due to screen-scraping," said
Nathan Richardson, TradeIt Co-Founder and CEO. "Not only do APIs offer a
more tailored solution where you essentially get only what you need,
they create a huge potential for innovation. Our partnerships with
companies like IBM and top brokers allow developers secure integration
for both mobile and web platforms, in-turn giving all stakeholders the
necessary peace of mind."

TradeIt provides a simple and concise interface to join app developers
and financial institutions with stakeholders' diverse retail portfolios.
Investors can initiate a trade from any given quote page or finance
destinations such as Yahoo! Finance, and then be taken to their select
broker screen to sign-in, view their synced account, and execute the
order in a secure manner.

The IBM Cloud for Financial Services is an API marketplace that brings
together FinTech and financial services institutions to rapidly build
the finance apps of the future. Built on the IBM Cloud™, developers can
share innovative applications, APIs, data and content on a secure, cloud
platform designed for banks, financial market institutions, and
insurance companies. More than 100,000 individual and enterprise
developers from the financial services industry already turn to IBM
monthly for insight and support.

Developers using TradeIt through IBM Cloud for Financial Services are
able to use the TradingTicket and PortfolioView products to synchronize
data and trading with almost all U.S. brokers, within minutes in a
protected manner. Supporting all order types and asset classes,
stakeholders are able to access a truly revolutionary method for online
wealth management with the ability to complete multi-brokerage orders
while safeguarding materially sensitive information.

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About TradeIt
TradeIt is an API infrastructure that links
retail investors and app developers with top financial institutions.
Created with a dedication to helping people stay in control and
connected to their investments, our focus is on providing an intuitive,
relevant and strategic platform for stakeholders to engage with all
their portfolios--regardless of brokerage. By partnering with finance
destinations such as Yahoo! Finance, customers are able to get a truly
360 degree approach to trading.

About IBM Watson Financial Services
IBM is working with
organizations across the financial services industry to use IBM Cloud,
cognitive, regtech and blockchain technology to address their business
challenges. Banking, wealth management and insurance are some of the
areas poised for dramatic change by using cognitive and AI capabilities
provided by IBM Watson Financial Services.

For more information about IBM Watson Financial Services, visit

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