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Ballot Argument in Favor of Health Care Measure Deceives and Misleads According to the Protect Livermore - No on Measure U Coalition


City of Livermore's Impartial Economic Analysis Demonstrates the
Harmful Consequences to Residents and Taxpayers if the Flawed Initiative
is Enacted

The Protect Livermore Coalition, which represents health care providers
and patients located in and serving the people of Livermore, today
issued a voter alert to address deceptive and misleading statements
contained in official ballot arguments in favor of the so-called
Livermore Accountable and Affordable Health Care Initiative
(Initiative), sponsored by Service Employees International Union-United
Healthcare Workers West (UHW). The assertions contained in the proponents'
are contradicted by an impartial analysis conducted by
Henry W. Zaretsky, Ph.D. and approved by the City Council on July 20,

"It is disappointing that an organization claiming to represent health
care workers would go to such lengths to mislead voters, particularly
through attacks against the health care professionals that provide
lifesaving care to Livermore residents," Protect Livermore Director C.
Duane Dauner said. "Voters can trust the Livermore City Council and Dr.
Zaretsky's independent analysis, which demonstrates that the initiative
would have great negative consequences for patients, health care
providers and taxpayers."

Following are several of the key findings from the Zaretsky
of the initiative:

Economic Impact on Community

If adopted and implemented as is and withstands legal challenges, (the
Initiative) is likely to have major impacts on the community. If adopted
and implemented as is, the initial implications are:

  • (Health care) Providers will exit the Livermore market, unless they
    can re-locate nearby, but outside Livermore.
  • Those that are unable to re-locate are likely to cut costs in a manner
    that will lessen access and compromise the quality of patient care.
  • New providers may be reluctant to enter the Livermore market.
  • If access is diminished, the consumers most affected, as usual, will
    be low-income, aged and/or disabled, who will have to travel outside
    Livermore for care.

Economic Impact to City Government

Additionally, Dr. Zaretsky analyzed the prospective cost to taxpayers if
the City of Livermore is forced to regulate local health care providers,
something that it currently does not have the expertise or funding to
do. He concluded that the City will be forced to bear the cost of
developing and enforcing regulations limiting the amounts for medical
services that specified hospitals, medical clinics, dentists, and other
health care providers in Livermore as follows:

  • Implementation startup costs estimated at $750,000 to $1 million; and,
  • Ongoing annual costs of approximately $1.9 million to administer and
    enforce the initiative.
  • Offsetting the costs of implementing and administering the program
    through cutting other City services, increasing City revenues, or a
    combination of both.

"Dr. Zaretsky's thorough, impartial fiscal analysis clearly demonstrates
the harmful consequences of this ballot measure, and we commend the City
of Livermore for its diligence to seek the facts to help voters make an
informed decision. This initiative is opposed by physicians, local
hospitals, other health care providers and consumers, and we are
confident that voters will review the facts and vote NO on November 6th,"
Dauner concluded.

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