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Relationship Experts Hedy and Yumi Schleifer Announce the Premier of "A Couple's Journey" in Washington, DC


International teachers of Encounter-centered Couples Therapy to host
their new couples workshop at the Hilton Garden Inn Georgetown. This
will be the first time they present a couples workshop in Washington, DC.

Hedy and Yumi Schleifer (,
international relationship experts, have announced they will host the
premier of "A Couple's Journey" at the Hilton Garden Inn Georgetown,
located at 2201 M Street NW, Washington, DC 20037, from Friday, October
19 to Sunday, October 21, 2018. The couple's retreat teaches effective
communication skills, and concrete, user-friendly, step-by-step rituals
and skills for a flourishing connection. Registration is now open.

"We attended Hedy and Yumi's workshop in January 2018 as a couple
together for over 30 years. Our relationship was strong but it was even
closer and more intimate after spending a few days with Hedy and Yumi.
Their workshop is certainly an instrument to bring peace to individuals,
couples and the world!"

"A Couple's Journey" introduces couples to Hedy and Yumi's
conceptualization of the "Three Invisible Connectors": the Space, the
Bridge, and the Encounter – the relational fabric connecting all
systems. It teaches couples to be consciously present with each other.
Through the safety that Hedy and Yumi create, couples learn listening
and communication skills, and how to embrace their life and
relationships with joy and passion.

"The workshop is a three-day intensive retreat, where couples learn a
powerful guiding principle and many rituals to apply to that principle,"
explains. "They leave the workshop in a completely new place as
people and as a couple. It's a transformational experience because it's
a deep immersion in learning a new way of being together."

Hedy and Yumi's workshop integrates the philosophy of Martin Buber,
Appreciative Inquiry, Re-evaluation Counseling, Relational Neurobiology,
Imago Relationship Therapy, their 53 year marriage and Judaic
background. The tuition is $995 per couple, and $200 deposit is needed
to register.

In 2010, Hedy presented an influential TED
talk at TEDxTelAviv
called "The Power of Connection." Hedy
and Yumi have appeared on The Balancing Act, Ivanhoe News, and Singapore
Morning Show. They have been interviewed by South African radio stations
Smile and IONO.FM, and have been featured in the South African Jewish
Report, and Coachletter, Sophie, and Moment Magazines.

About Hedy + Yumi

World renowned relationship experts, Hedy and Yumi Schleifer teach
couples, therapists, and organizations the concept of the "Three
Invisible Connectors." Married for 53 years and successful business
partners for over 25 years, they are a living example of the relational
maturity achieved through the relational skills they teach. Speaking six
languages, they host workshops, trainings, and private sessions
throughout Europe, South Africa, the Middle East, and the United States.
For more information and upcoming events, visit

For media inquiries, contact Geoffrey Swetz at 305-604-0010 or
For additional information on Hedy and Yumi's "A Couple's Journey"
workshop, visit

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