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Airport Accessibility & PRM Services Summit (Singapore - November 27-28, 2018) -


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The Airport Accessibility and PRM Services Summit will take place on
27th November to 28th November 2018, in Singapore. The summit, proudly
brought to you by Equip Global, aims to address the most pressing
concerns of airport accessibility & PRM management in airports today,
such as: Maximising your airport's resources to enhance your PRM
planning and task allocation capabilities, investing in facilities and
staff comprehensive training programs to enhance your airport's quality
and service, and also collaborating with different stakeholders to
ensure a seamless passenger journey without disrupting the operational

On top of that, hear from industry experts as they give their insights
on how your can Improve your airport's operational efficiency amidst
limited airport capacity whilst also gaining lessons learnt on resource
planning and management. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the
industry's leading PRM practices to stay on top of the game!

The summit aims to help accessibility/PRM Planning Business Units thrive
in this ever-changing business landscape as our specially curated
speakers will share case studies on how you can leverage digital
technology to improve on your staffing needs through improved job
planning and intelligent real-time adaptation to unexpected changes,
alongside exclusive case studies that will showcase success stories of
the different implementations that airports globally are adopting to
better serve the largest group of PRM - the wheelchair bound.

This event is tailored made for Heads/Senior
Managers/Managers/Senior Executives of:

  • Accessibility/PRM Services Planning
  • Airport/Terminal Operations
  • Airside/Landside Operations
  • Design & Planning
  • Customer Experience/Passenger Experience
  • Resource Planning

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