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Occam To Advance Investor Education, Risk-Adjusted Investing


, which is democratizing risk management to help
everyone make better financial decisions, announced the launch of Occam,
a financial education and media eco-system.

Occam was conceived by Steven M. Sears, a former Barron's columnist and
senior editor, who will edit and lead the site. The website,,
is named after Occam's Razor, a principle that favors simple, concise
analysis. Occam will publish original and curated news, including
actionable investment ideas, while profiling thought leaders and
successful investors to help people minimize risk and maximize returns.

"Too much financial news, and too many stories about supposed investment
opportunities, are driven by marketability, rather than by investment
merits. Occam is focused on educating investors, and bringing them
information that matters, and that they often cannot access, so they can
make better investment decisions. We also want to create a community
whose knowledge and interests sharpen each other," Mr. Sears said.

Mr. Sears, who is also StratiFi's chief market strategist, is the author
of The Indomitable Investor: Why a Few Succeed in the Stock Market When
Everyone Else Fails. His book, and his Barron's Striking Price column,
were noted for synthesizing and simplifying complex investment ideas so
they could be understood and implemented by anyone. He also was part of
executive teams that demutualized the U.S. options industry and
introduced electronic trading.

Akhil Lodha, StratiFi's co-founder and chief executive, said advisors
and investors need an educational eco-system like Occam to simplify key
ideas and teach essential investing concepts, while avoiding the hype
that accompanies so much financial information.

"Everyone talks about machine learning, and how computers learn from
data and thus make better investment decisions. We think people deserve
the same and it all begins with financial literacy. We want Occam to be
a force multiplier for investors and advisors by delivering actionable,
relevant financial and educational information that will help them
better navigate the markets, and hopefully make them immune to all the
gimmicks that too frequently corrupt investment information," said Mr.
Lodha, who worked on an electronic trading desk at a major bank prior to
focusing on applying technology to solve some of the more difficult
issues facing investors and advisors.

Occam will officially launch on August 15.

About StratiFi Technologies

StratiFi Technologies Inc. helps investors make smarter investment

We enable investment advisors, family offices and investors to define
and manage risks that are often hidden, or not well understood, within
their client's portfolios. Our PRISM Rating™ technology democratizes
risk management techniques that are normally the purview of
sophisticated institutional investors. By identifying, defining, and
managing risks, StratiFi helps financial advisors help their clients,
and also protect and grow their practices. By educating clients about
the realities of markets, advisors can deepen relationships, and better
help investors confront the challenges of modern markets and the demands
of modern life.

StratiFi, based in San Francisco and New York, is backed by key
investors who are focused on financial technology, including Cboe Global
Markets, Wolverine Holdings, and leading venture capital firms,
including Anthemis Group, Khosla Ventures and Y Combinator.

To learn how StratiFi can help you become a better investor, please

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