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Crowdfunding Platform '' Raises $500K in Seed Funding from Internet Entrepreneur O.D. Kobo

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online donation and crowdfunding website that allows people to raise
money for personal causes and life events, to challenging circumstances
like accidents and illnesses has raised $500,000 in seed funding from
Internet entrepreneur O.D. Kobo.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:

O.D. Kobo, Partner and Chairman at PIR Equities (Photo: Business Wire)

O.D. Kobo, Partner and Chairman at PIR Equities (Photo: Business Wire) was
launched in 2017 by a team that consists of ex-Facebook employees and is
based in New York. The Company will use the new capital raised to
continue its exponential growth.

The $600 billion a year donation sector is dependent on scalable online
platforms such as to
offer people a secure and instant way to raise money online through
social fundraising.

O.D. Kobo is an accomplished Internet entrepreneur and businessman with
over $250 million in technology related exits over the last two decades
and has assisted startups and private equity groups in raising nearly $1

Time Magazine Asia once listed O.D. Kobo (Partner at PIR
) as 'one of the more prominent foreign web operators in
China'. "Not many foreigners, who do not read Chinese, can build and
design platforms that attract 100 million Chinese users. I can't think
of anyone other him, he is a talented product designer turned investor.
He would sit for days and weeks designing and re-designing various
Chinese websites, you have to be a little bit out there to do that, but
he knew exactly what he was doing" Chen Xi former General Manager and
COO at FunPlus.

Here are some excerpts from his interview with Time Magazine Asia:

"I am a product person turned businessman by accident. I love to design,
innovate, sit with the development teams, that is fun for me, that is
what makes me stay long hours at the office. I have been fortunate
enough to have some success, but for me, it is the design, UI/UX,
concept and strategy of a product that makes it all interesting, I
wouldn't be happy doing anything else. In our time, digital is the new
canvas and startups are the new artists, Picasso today would ditch
canvas and open a startup."

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