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T-Mobile's Latest Un-carrier Move: Real People, Not Robots. Introducing T-Mobile Team of Experts.


T-Mobile gives customers rock star status with a Team of Experts
dedicated just to you. No bots. No bouncing. No BS.

This Un-carrier move ends the biggest customer service pain points:
the hated phone menu & the call center runaround. The best customer
service in wireless just got better.

Real customer service takes real people. T-Mobile (NASDAQ:TMUS) today
launched T-Mobile Team of Experts nationwide and turned traditional
customer care on its head. T-Mobile's latest Un-carrier move takes aim
at the biggest pain point yet – the old, broken customer care model that
has frustrated Americans for decades. With Team of Experts, when you
call or message T-Mobile, you get a tight-knit team dedicated to you and
others in your city. There are no robots or automated phone menus. No
getting bounced around from department to department. No shouting
"representative." You now have your own entourage at T-Mobile dedicated
to you and your happiness. You can even see a photo of your Team of
Experts in the T-Mobile App on iOS
and Android.

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And, T-Mobile also announced
that your rock star status extends beyond the Un-carrier with upgrades
at Live Nation shows and with Pandora music.

"‘Your call is important to us' are the six emptiest words ever
robo-spoken," said John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile. "People are fed up with
horrible customer service that puts cost control ahead of customer
happiness. While other brands mechanize customer service, we're going
the other way – no bots, no bouncing, no BS. With Team of Experts, we're
tearing up the traditional playbook, killing the phone menu and putting
people at the center of customer care, like they should be. Because at
T-Mobile, our customers have always been rock stars to us."

Team of Experts: Real Help Takes Real People

T-Mobile Team of Experts is a radical re-invention and changes
everything about the customer experience by putting people first. When
you call or message, you get straight to a team dedicated to you. Rather
than investing in avoiding customers with bots and automated
phone menus, the Un-carrier is making a huge investment in serving customers
with highly-skilled, highly-motivated people.

Team of Experts is rock star treatment whenever you need help. It means:

  • The end of robots and phone menus
    T-Mobile is killing the automated phone menu. You'll never be forced
    to talk to a robot, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) or machine again
    – unless you just want to! When you call or message, you're routed
    straight to your Team of Experts, or you can tell your team when to
    call you.
  • The end of the call center runaround
    Traditional call centers randomly route you to reps who are
    overly-specialized to solve just one kind of issue and goaled on
    Average Handle Time (aka how fast they can hang up or transfer you).
    That means customers get bounced from department to department, forced
    to repeat themselves over and over. With Team of Experts, you've got
    people dedicated to you and your happiness, and they're highly-trained
    to handle a wide range of topics, sometimes working with specialists
    including local retail and engineering to solve even the most complex
  • The end of being told when and how you can get
    – Most brands tell you how and when you can reach them. At
    AT&T and Verizon, forget calling outside of office hours … they won't
    pick up. Team of Experts is on your terms – you can call 24/7,
    schedule a call-back and soon, just ask Alexa or Google to have your
    Team of Experts call you. Plus, the Un-carrier has launched
    asynchronous messaging for all T-Mobile customers in the T-Mobile App
    and iMessage. Instead of waiting for a rep, you are in control.
    Message your Team with an issue, and they'll get right to work on it.
    But you don't have to wait. Come back to it whenever works for you.

"Team of Experts isn't just better customer service. It's an entirely
new way of thinking about customers … one that puts your happiness at
the center of everything we do," said Callie Field, EVP of Customer Care
at T-Mobile. "Some brands attempt to give high-dollar customers the kind
of treatment we give everyone with Team of Experts. Because at T-Mobile,
we think just being our customer makes you a rock star. Team of Experts
is ‘one percenter' treatment for the rest of us!"

Team of Experts is now live for T-Mobile postpaid customers for free and
is being rolled out to every business and public-sector customer, too.
Customers can reach their team however they want, but the optimal way is
to call 611 from your T-Mobile phone or message from the T-Mobile App or
iMessage using Apple Business Chat.

"T-Mobile's Team of Experts is the most exciting development I've seen
in a decade of studying customer experience. Other brands use this model
for their very most elite customers – like the airlines' elite platinum
plus programs – or large B2B accounts, but it's radical for a brand to
give every customer this level of service," said Matt Dixon,
former Gartner and Korn Ferry customer experience analyst and current
Chief Product and Research Officer of Tethr. "But, T-Mobile's results –
dramatically higher customer and employee satisfaction and lower
costs – demonstrate how much potential there is for big brands to think
differently about customer care."

Customer ‘Service'

Customers are fed up with traditional customer service. 80% of customers
aren't satisfied with how businesses respond to their problems, and no
wonder – today's customer service experience is a maddening mess of
navigating phone menus, talking to robots, listening to bad hold music
and getting bounced from department to department, repeating yourself
over and over again. 90% of consumers say they never want to talk to an
IVR – at all.1 Yet, brands spent $3.73 billion on this hated
technology last year.2 And, once you get through the
automated phone menu, get ready for a LOT of instrumental soft jazz –
the average American will waste 12 days on hold with customer
service throughout their lifetime.3 Once you finally reach a
human, nearly 40% of calls in wireless are transferred,4
forcing you to start the cycle over again and repeat yourself to the
next rep.

Once you've navigated the customer support maze and are finally talking
to the right rep, it's entirely transactional – because that's the
cheapest way for corporations to handle you. So, the second you hang up,
that rep is done with you...maybe forever. If you call back, you start
the maddening process all over again.

This is how most companies today define "service." Not so, with Team of

In a time when most brands are mechanizing customer interactions with
bots and artificial intelligence, T-Mobile is investing in people. You
call, you get a smart capable human, and your Team of Experts has all
the people needed to solve most any issue. Yes, T-Mobile just made the
best service in wireless even better.

Customer Results: 56% Increase in Net Promoter Score (NPS)

The Un-carrier spent over two years testing and optimizing Team of
Experts with smaller customer groups and businesses before launching
nationwide today. Those early results are incredible! With Team of
Experts, Net Promoter Score (NPS) – or likelihood to recommend –
increased an unprecedented 56%,5 putting T-Mobile on par with
other brands famous for their customer care.

Two weeks ago, the Un-carrier also received
J.D. Power's highest score EVER given in full-service wireless customer
care – yet again. That's right – the "Highest in Customer Service among
Full Service Wireless Providers, Two Times in a Row." And that's all
before today's nationwide Team of Experts launch!

Employee Results: Eighteen Best Place to Work Awards

Not only are call centers bad for customers, they aren't great for
employees, either. The churn and burn of call after call with irate,
phone-menu-frustrated customers is a tough, thankless job that most
don't keep for long. Call center rep is one of the highest turnover
occupations in the country – more than twice the national average. And,
call centers are big employers! There are nearly 2.8 million call center
reps in the U.S. … almost 1 in 56 working Americans!6

With Team of Experts, T-Mobile invested even more deeply in making
customer care a true career – with more training, more opportunities for
advancement, more empowerment to do what's right for customers,
customer-focused incentives and redesigned physical spaces that look
more like Valley startups than phone bank cube farms. And the Experts
love it – in fact, T-Mobile customer experience centers were named a
best place to work 18 times, just in 2017 alone! Turnover in T-Mobile's
care team is down a remarkable 48% in the last three years, and the
company has an incredible 90% internal promotion rate in customer care.

Business Results: Big Investment with Big ROI

Because nobody else is doing care this way, T-Mobile had to create a
radically different model…and Team of Experts is a big investment that's
paying off big time. In Q2 of 2018 – even before Team of Experts went
live nationwide today – customer service costs for postpaid were the
lowest in company history due to fewer calls per account and callbacks –
making Team of Experts a win, not just for customers and employees, but
for shareholders, too.

"Something this big isn't done overnight. It starts with a customer
experience obsessed culture, and a mindset that says customer happiness
is job #1," said Mike Sievert, President and COO at T-Mobile. "Team of
Experts is a massive investment, but like all our Un-carrier moves, we
made it based on a firmly held belief that doing what's right for
customers is the same thing as what's right for our business. Team of
Experts was a risk, but one of the smartest risks we've ever taken."

Changing the Industry … and Beyond

Because Team of Experts is such a win for customers, employees and
shareholders, T-Mobile also announced they'll share the Team of Expert
blueprints to help other companies (ahem, AT&T, Charter, Comcast,
Verizon) adopt the revolutionary Care model. That includes licensing
several patent-pending technologies for free to anyone who commits to
Team of Experts for all their customers. Because every customer of every
product or service deserves to be treated like a rock star.

For more about Team of Experts, visit

Team of Experts is for our postpaid wireless customers.

About T-Mobile US, Inc.

As America's Un-carrier, T-Mobile US, Inc. (NASDAQ:TMUS) is redefining
the way consumers and businesses buy wireless services through leading
product and service innovation. Our advanced nationwide 4G LTE network
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