Market Overview

Trend Toward Entrepreneurship among Millennials and Gen-Z'ers Reflected in Entrepreneurs' Organization Growth, Reinforced by New Deloitte Survey


A recent Deloitte survey
of 10,455 millennials and 1,844 Gen Z respondents across 36 countries
shows a trend away from more traditional attitudes toward employment.
43% of millennials believe they will be leaving their jobs within two
years, and only 28% seek to stay more than five. Among Gen Z
respondents, 61% say they would leave within two years. A key motivator
for these groups is employers prioritizing the bottom line above
workers, society and the environment, leaving both employers and
employees with little sense of loyalty. The result: a fertile ground for
entrepreneurship to thrive. The Entrepreneurs'
Organization (EO)
is a global network of entrepreneurs helping the
seeds grow in Houston with a membership of 163 CEOs, average sales of
$2.5 million, and 4,802 total employees. Overall, EO represents just
about every industry, with 13,000 entrepreneurs in 57 countries and more
than 3.4 million employees worldwide.

"Our entrepreneurial community in Houston is a learning organization
focused on engaging and empowering its members to learn from each other,
leading to greater business success and an enriched personal life while
sharing once-in-a-lifetime experiences," says Houston Chapter President,
Jarred King, CEO, Swagger Agency.

Member experiences include:

  • Brad Schweiss, one of six original EO members in Houston, is
    celebrating his 29th year as a member. Brad founded Houston
    Gold Exchange
    in 1985 with $250 and reached $1 million in sales
    just five years later. By 2000 the business was enjoying $15 million
    in sales.
  • 30-year-old Nathan Yap's new company, Call
    , provides U.S.-based support for call centers locally and in
    the Philippines. They are now actively acquiring U.S.-based call
    centers in the 20-50M revenue range.
  • Israeli data scientist and entrepreneur Shoshi Kaganovsky, 32-year-old
    founder of SensoLeak,
    was named one of the 20 most influential women in Israel, and moved
    the headquarters of SensoLeak to Houston. Shoshi's new approach uses
    artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and internet of
    things (IoT), for data analysis that is upending the way pipeline leak
    prevention and detection are done.
  • Robert De Los Santos, Owner, Sky
    High Party Rentals
    , says, "EO has played a vital
    role in my development as a leader and husband by providing an avenue
    where I am able to be open and honest about my greatest challenges and
    fears. Unlike most organizations, I listen and learn from other
    members, who like me are tasked with heading companies with employees'
    futures at stake. The magnitude of ways the organization has elevated
    me to trust my instincts and lead with the understanding that I am not
    alone gives me immense clarity."
  • The entrepreneurial twins behind creative branding firm TwinEngine,
    Winnie Brignac Hart and Lorrie Brignac Lee, authored STAND
    OUT: Tools To Master The 8 Fundamentals Of Standing Out In Business
    and have rolled out BrandintheBox,
    a monthly subscription brand kit to grow small-mid sized businesses
    without needing a full-time marketing department.

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