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ROVIDIUM, Dr. Chunyu Zhang's New Solution to Cancer, Hits US Market


With the support and help of the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer
Center at Johns Hopkins, SanuLife Inc. launched its ROVIDIUM products on
August 13th, at the anniversary celebration of the company
held at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore,
which was witnessed by Dr. Zhang, Founder of SanuLife, together with his
partner Mr. Chunshui Liu, and many other distinguished guests.

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Dr. Chunyu Zhang, the founder, Mr. Chunshui Liu, the partner, and the guests take a group photo (Pho ...

Dr. Chunyu Zhang, the founder, Mr. Chunshui Liu, the partner, and the guests take a group photo (Photo: Business Wire)

Dr. Bert Vogelstein, Laureate of 2013 Breakthrough Prize in Life
Sciences, and Mr. Farzam Kamalabadi, CEO of the US Future Trends
International Group sent their congratulatory messages. The event was
also graced by Dr. Hans Spiegel, the Germany-and-US-trained MD, PhD
physician-scientist with over 30 years of experience in the patient
care, clinical and basic research, as well as many friends and
colleagues of Dr. Zhang in Washington DC and on Johns Hopkins Hospital

ROVIDIUM, the result of Dr. Zhang's 20-year anti-cancer and anti-aging
research, promises safe, effective, and technically reliable production.
By selecting high-purity anti-cancer small molecules from natural
ingredients, the carefully formulated product enables continuous and
efficient recovery of tumor suppressor gene expression that induces
apoptosis of cancer cells. It can also slow down aging, reduce
canceration and prolong healthy lifespan by enhancing the internal
protection mechanism, down-regulating growth signal stimulation and
inhibiting chronic inflammatory response in normal cells.

A Breakthrough after 20-year Research

During the launch event, Dr. Zhang said, "It is truly remarkable to
launch ROVIDIUM at the first anniversary of SanuLife in the Albert Owens
Auditorium at the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center of Johns
Hopkins University School of Medicine. For this, I'd like to appreciate
the center director William Nelson's help, Hopkins AV support and
custodial services, and express my heartfelt gratitude to the guests for
your participation. ROVIDIUM is a result of many years of research and
the very first product of SanuLife. I hope it will create new directions
and impetus for cancer research, and that customers will find it useful
and effective."

"For researchers, nothing can be more exciting than launching new
products. It spurs me and my team to conduct more innovative research
and accelerate commercialization of achievements, so as to make more
contribution to human health," Zhang added.

As the principal investigator of the Lung Cancer and Aging Project at
Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, Dr. Zhang has been engaged in
cancer research for nearly 20 years. He has produced a host of
internationally leading research results in such fields as "Clock of
Life" telomere and telomerase, nuclear encoded mitochondrial longevity
mutant protein, aging-associated chronic inflammation, obesity and
cancer biomarker FAT10, immunoregulation factor gene expression and
tissue localization, gene expression change during lung cancer
progression, chemotherapy resistance and prognosis survival. His
findings have been published in Cell, PNAS, Genomics, Cancer
Research, Molecular Cancer Therapeutics
and Nature, etc.

SanuLife's partner Chunshui Liu said, "As our very first product,
ROVIDIUM combines the most advanced technology of SanuLife and the
20-year research results of Dr. Zhang. It is a breakthrough in cancer
prevention and anti-aging fields. ROVIDIUM will be a new starting point
for SanuLife committed to the big health industry. SanuLife will focus
on research and development of science-based health management,
biomedicine and health-care products. With optimal resources and most
forward-looking technology at SanuLife, we will provide consumers with
one-stop, customized and intelligent health-care services."

Before meeting consumers, ROVIDIUM had been widely reported by media
including the Associated Press, one of the four major international news
agencies, and Yahoo, the mainstream US financial media.

A Single Solution to Dual Problems

The anti-cancer and anti-aging ROVIDIUM gives play to the synergy
between the tumor suppressor genes RhoB and p21 and the longevity
transcriptional factor Nrf2, which drives expression of endogenous
antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic genes. The product
restores RhoB expression, which is continuously down-regulated by
epigenetics during pulmonary aging, skeletal muscle decline, and
tumorigenesis, and activates Nrf2 through p21 to stabilize the genome
and protect cells from carcinogenesis, which aims to help delay aging,
prevent cancer and increase longevity.

The ROVIDIUM ingredients and raw materials are selected in a most strict
manner. The core ingredients are rice germ and rice bran extract
Ceramide, turmeric extract Curcumin and green tea extract EGCG, with raw
materials meticulously selected from well-known suppliers of Japan,
Germany, China and the US. The ingredients are evaluated by the US FDA
as "Generally Recognized as Safe" (GRAS). Purified by high-tech and
micro-encapsulated, ROVIDIUM features excellent purity,
sustained-release stability and bioavailability. It's produced and
packaged by a selected Californian partner in accordance with the cGMP
standard and above.

As a responsible scientist, Dr. Zhang has entrusted a third party to
conduct verification experiments on ROVIDIUM products. Preliminary
results indicated that ROVIDIUM has tackled the bottleneck of low
solubility of core ingredients, which proves to be highly water soluble.
Validation experiments on A549 cells of non-small cell lung cancer
prevalent in the US and China showed that ROVIDIUM core and luxury
versions can dose-dependently induce the tumor suppressor gene RhoB and
efficiently inhibit the Akt/mTOR signaling pathway which is critical in
the process of canceration and aging, thus significantly inhibiting
proliferation, metastasis and survival of A549 cells. Moreover, further
validation experiments on Panc02 cells of the aggressive pancreatic
cancer showed that ROVIDIUM killed malignant Panc02 cells even more than
relatively well-differentiated A549 cells.

As a dietary supplement, ROVIDIUM is not subject to preclinical or
clinical trial requirements. Still SanuLife signed a cooperative
agreement with HD Biosciences Inc. to carry out preclinical animal
experiments for ROVIDIUM. Preparation is now under way for a first trial
on the Panc02 syngeneic tumor models.

Meanwhile, SanuLife has opened its official flagship store on the
cross-border e-commerce platform XIJI.COM. Both core and luxury versions
of ROVIDIUM are now available online.

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