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Adelman Integrates Pana Into Its Platform as a Service


Adelman announces reseller agreement at GBTA Convention 2018

Adelman Travel has become an official reseller of Pana, a corporate
travel platform designed exclusively for guest travelers including
recruits, consultants, interns and customers. These categories of
travelers are historically challenging, as they don't have corporate
cards to pay for air, hotel, and car, they are unaware of the travel
policy, and they often require plenty of "back-and-forth" between the
guest, company, and agency. Pana provides an easy-to-use booking
solution, an award-winning app, and concierge-level servicing to guest
travelers from their doorstep to destination and back again. This new
agreement with Pana allows Adelman to offer their clients a policy
compliant and hassle-free travel experience for guest travelers.

"We are continually looking for technology solutions that enhance
customer service," said Ivan Imana, CIO of Adelman Travel. "The Pana
solution is unique in that it reaches a previously untapped but critical
niche for our corporate clients. As a reseller of Pana, we are able to
provide our clients with accurate reporting and expense allocation while
giving them a way to differentiate themselves when recruiting top
talent. With unemployment being at 16-year low, every contact point with
the candidate is critical to land top recruits."

The reseller agreement allows Adelman's clients to contract directly
with them for Pana services, resulting in a seamless experience.
Management and oversight of the process is performed by Adelman, and
guest traveler data is fully integrated with Adelman's proprietary
reporting platform. In addition, all contracted rates and duty-of-care
integrations used by Adelman customers will be leveraged for guest
bookings through Pana.

"The travel industry is highly fragmented and getting more so every day
in terms of third party solutions that operate outside of the travel
management company," said Andy McGraw, CEO of Adelman Travel. "Rather
than simply pursuing referral agreements with third party partners, we
prefer to offer solutions that we can integrate into our platform. This
allows us some control over the quality and performance of the solution,
at the same time reinforcing our goal to drive efficiency while
enhancing the traveler experience."

Adelman Travel first began working with Pana last late year when they
were selected to fulfill travel for Pana's direct clients.

"We have found Adelman to be flexible and agile in their ability to
customize and efficiently integrate solutions for their clients," said
Devon Tivona, founder and CEO of Pana. "With their focus on omni-channel
services and a ‘mobile first' philosophy, they mirror our own vision and
strategy for using digital processes to transform and improve the HR

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