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Paxata Announces the First Apache Spark™ - Powered Data Preparation Runtime Fabric With Native Kubernetes Support


Paxata Advances its Leadership in Self-Service Data Prep by
Announcing New Adaptive Workload Management for Enterprise Big Data

the pioneer in self-service data preparation for analytics, today
announced the general availability of its Fall '18 release, the next
major update to the company's award-winning Adaptive Information
Platform. The latest release includes a new Adaptive Workload Management
capability, which delivers an elastic resource allocation service on a
number of orchestration frameworks, including Microsoft Azure HDInsight,
Kubernetes, and Apache Hadoop YARN. The new offering also enables
dynamic scaling of large data prep workloads across ephemeral clusters
to lower cost and improve performance.

"With this release and Paxata's elastic resource allocation, we can
dynamically scale our data preparation workloads, increase our
visibility of current and historical data and improve our overall
efficiency," said Byron Hernandez, Data Analyst II, Cox Automotive.
"This, in addition to having the flexibility to define our own
interactive data volumes, will help us manage our enterprise
requirements effectively."

Building upon Paxata's Spark-based data prep engine, which provides the
industry's fastest interactive experience, Paxata now offers the
industry's only data prep runtime fabric that can dynamically allocate,
execute, and free up processing resources to dramatically reduce
infrastructure and compute costs when running automated batch jobs.
Paxata is the first data prep engine on Kubernetes. According to
Gartner, "The market has chosen Kubernetes as the de facto container
orchestration technology for managing production workloads. Kubernetes
is not an application platform in and of itself as it relies on external
components for enterprise-grade, production deployments."1

The new Adaptive Workload Management feature also provides enterprises
the choice in defining their own interactive data volumes. Unlike other
solutions that limit interactive data prep to small, fixed samples,
Paxata is the only solution with the flexibility to size the interactive
dataset per tenant, meaning organizations can align its use to meet
specific enterprise use cases and requirements.

"Today, enterprise data preparation scenarios vary in scale, complexity,
and urgency. Paxata's Adaptive Workload Management feature, and our
support for orchestration frameworks such as Kubernetes, provides our
customers the flexibility to define their own resource cost-curves,"
said Nenshad Bardoliwalla, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at
Paxata. "We are staying true to our vision; yet, adapting to enterprise
data volumes which gives our customers the freedom to choose the amount
of data they want to carve out for interactive, real time scenarios vs.
regular, repeated workloads that operate in batch. This flexibility is
truly unique in the market and reinforces our paradigm of interactive
data prep with the totality of data, while giving our customers a way to
allocate compute resources that are best suited for their requirements."

"Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) has the unique ability to support high
performance containerized workloads, elastic scaling and portability
across diverse cloud environments, which makes it an ideal orchestrator
to standardize on," said John ‘JG' Chirapurath, General Manager, Azure
Data & Artificial Intelligence. "We believe Paxata's move to support AKS
for dynamically scaling large data prep workloads across shared,
ephemeral clusters will result in customers benefiting from optimized
performance, cost, and portability."

To learn more about this new release, register
for the webcast
"Introducing Paxata Fall '18 Release" on Tuesday,
August 28, 2018.

1 Using Kubernetes to Orchestrate Container-Based
Cloud and Microservices Applications, April 24, 2018, Gartner, Inc.

About Paxata

At Paxata, we turn raw data into trustworthy information at the speed of
thought. We provide an Adaptive Information Platform that enables
business leaders and analysts with an enterprise-grade, self-service
data preparation system for analytics, operations, and regulatory
requirements. Business analysts work within an intuitive, visual
application to access, explore, shape, collaborate and publish data with
clicks, not code, with complete governance and security. IT is able to
support the scale of data volumes and variety, enterprise and cloud data
sources, and business scenarios for immediate and repeatable data
service needs. Built on Apache SparkTM and optimized to run
in hybrid, multi-cloud environments, Paxata leverages automated
artificial intelligence, elastic cloud architecture and distributed
computing to deliver an immersive business consumer experience that
automates the data-to-insight pipeline.

Paxata is headquartered in Redwood City, California with offices in New
York, Ohio, Washington D.C., and Singapore. Visit
or engage with us on Twitter,
or YouTube.

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