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SSIC Advances Cyber Risk Analytics with New Release


X-Analytics 2.0 Harmonizes Cyber Risk Financial Exposure Analysis
with Cybersecurity Effectiveness to Support Executive Decision Making

Secure Systems Innovation Corporation (SSIC), a cyber risk analytics
firm that empowers strategic decision making, is today announcing the
upcoming release of X-Analytics®
, its patented cyber risk analytics model.

The new release includes several additions to deliver unmatched cyber
risk analytics to customers:

  • Interactive data visualization: The new release now leverages Tableau,
    the market-leading technology to create compelling, impactful data
    visualization stories, transforming complicated cyber risk financial
    analysis into effective executive and board-level outputs.
  • Cybersecurity ROI analysis: The new release now illustrates the
    results from pre-built "what-if" cyber risk simulations and processes
    custom-built simulations to better understand ROI and effectiveness of
    cybersecurity investments.
  • Complete cyber peril analysis: The new release now quantifies cyber
    risk exposure with "built-in" analytics across all cyber peril
    categories—data breach, service interruption, ransomware and
    extortion, misappropriation of intellectual property, and
    cyber-physical events—enabling objective risk decision making.

"X-Analytics 2.0 enables our enterprise clients to benefit from the only
complete cyber risk analytics model currently used to underwrite
billions of worldwide cyber exposure," said John Frazzini, president and
CEO of SSIC. "With the unprecedented ability to interconnect objective
financial analysis with enterprise cybersecurity risk, enterprises can
demystify cyber risk and manage it like any other risk by balancing risk
acceptance, mitigation, and transfer strategies."

X-Analytics 2.0 will be available Sept. 15, 2018 and can be purchased as
a license or via an annual cyber risk advisory service subscription. To
learn how other organizations have used X-Analytics to measure cyber
risk exposure, inform cyber insurance underwriting and quantify silent
cyber risk, and perform return on investment on cybersecurity
initiatives, visit here.

About SSIC

Based in the Washington, D.C. area, Secure Systems Innovation
Corporation (SSIC) is a cyber risk analytics firm that informs strategic
decision making.
Its innovative, patented method for measuring
and modeling cyber risk, X-Analytics®, objectively expresses the
economics of cyber risk. SSIC is changing how executives, boards and the
risk management industry understand and manage cyber risk. For more
information, please visit

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