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OneLogin Celebrates Diversity in Cybersecurity by Donating $55,000 at Black Hat Las Vegas


30+ of the World's Top Hackers Join OneLogin's Inaugural Bug Bounty


  • OneLogin and partners launch the first of its kind bug bounty
    promoting diversity in cybersecurity
  • 30 of the world's top hackers join the team and donate half of their
    bug bounties to advance diversity in cybersecurity
  • OneLogin donates $55,000 to the International Consortium of Minorities
    in Cybersecurity Professionals (ICMCP) and Queercon

the industry leader in Unified Access Management, today announced the
results of their inaugural Bug Bounty Bash and first-time presence at
Black Hat USA 2018, where the company donated $55,000 to nonprofits
promoting diversity in cybersecurity. Momentum continues from the
company's security-first culture launch and recent security enhancements
that drive MFA adoption with simple and secure features.

"If this week taught us one thing it's that the industry is seeing a
surge in the number and severity of vulnerabilities that are penetrating
every industry that exists," said Justin Calmus, OneLogin Chief Security
Officer. "I feel tremendously fortunate to have the best team in the
world ensure OneLogin's 2,000 customers have the most powerful layers of
protection working for them."

Calmus continued, "But it wasn't just about us. I couldn't be more proud
to have created an event that helped move the needle for diversity in
cybersecurity, a cause that is at the core of what we do at OneLogin."

For the first time, OneLogin hosted a Bug Bounty Bash with more than 30
of the world's top hackers, including Frans Rosén, Security Advisor at
Detectify and the co-founders of HackerOne, Michiel Prins and Jobert
Abma. For each vulnerability discovered, participating hackers were
rewarded with a cash bounty. Each hacker agreed to donate half of their
winnings to nonprofits promoting diversity in cybersecurity.

Thanks to their generosity, OneLogin was able to write $27,500 checks to
both the International Consortium of Minorities Cyber Security
Professionals (ICMCP) and Queercon, organizations dedicated to making
the infosec industry a more diverse and inclusive space.

"The contribution from OneLogin and this elite group of hackers will
help further our mission of consistent representation of women and
minorities in the cybersecurity industry through all of our programs
this year," said Aric Perminter, President of ICMCP.

"We're so grateful for this incredible gift," said Jason Painter,
President of Queercon. "Our team and program exist due to the generosity
of folks like OneLogin and this awesome group of hackers. We look
forward to continuing our partnership into the future."

For more about OneLogin's commitments to diversity and cybersecurity,
check out OneLogin Connect 2018, its annual user conference and tech
event happening in San Francisco September 12, 2018. To register and
learn more about the packed agenda, see

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