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QConnect - The Most Intelligent, Global, Ultra-Compact, Rugged Communication Device


Global, Inc. (QUAKE)
, a leading provider of solutions to the global
IoT market, announced the launch of their advanced telematics device,
QConnect™. The Ultra-compact QConnect integrates with fixed and mobile
assets for real-time tracking, monitoring and control anywhere, anytime.
The device provides a variety of advanced, wireless communication
options, including LTE/2G/3G, dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth/BLE, V2X, and
satellite. The device is designed to meet the demands of a wide variety
of requirements from simple low-cost tracking applications to
high-performance, multi-channel, video streaming applications.

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Quake Global's new QConnect, the most intelligent, global, ultra-compact and rugged communication de ...

Quake Global's new QConnect, the most intelligent, global, ultra-compact and rugged communication device available (Photo: Business Wire)

QConnect is flexible with unique apps and software options on an open
source Linux platform. Control your vision with standard built-in
security. Users can provision QConnect with a variety of standard
configurable apps for specific applications. QConnect also provides
advanced users the flexibility to create their own applications to suit
their specific needs. Integrated Ethernet, CAN, RS232, and multiple GPIO
channels enable a multitude of connectivity options at the machine or
equipment level. Advanced features support driver authentication,
predictive maintenance, real-time video processing, data collection,
process and schedule synchronization, and alert automation.

QConnect provides worldwide terrestrial connectivity on LTE with 3G/2G
fallback giving you the stability, confidence, and reliability to
operate with complete global coverage. Concurrent, multi-constellation
GNSS provides world-wide position information in the most extreme
conditions. Internal and external battery backup options ensure your
data will be securely saved.

"Quake Global is proud to introduce the QConnect line of products
that specifically focus on large data capacity and flexible cloud
integration. QConnect is loaded with a variety of different options,
functions, and integration features that enable our customers to have
flexibility, increase efficiency, and improve the productivity of their
equipment for their users. The device was designed to accommodate the
Logistics, Transportation, Heavy Equipment, Oil and Gas, Mining,
Agriculture, and Fleet Management industries,"
stated James Miller,
Vice President of Quake Global.

About Quake Global

Quake Global is a technology company specializing in solutions for asset
tracking and monitoring. Quake Global designs and implements facility or
campus level asset tracking solutions based around RFID and satellite
technologies. It also designs and implements machine to machine (M2M)
communication devices that enable customers to utilize terrestrial (cell
phone) networks or satellite networks to locate, track, monitor and
control devices globally. For more information, visit

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