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Prescription Drug Safety Curriculum Increased Student Knowledge by 49 Percent in its Inaugural Academic Year


Purdue Expands Established Commitment to Include a Statewide
Education Program in Collaboration with EVERFI and Connecticut
Prevention Network for the 2018-2019 Academic Year

Pharma L.P.
today announced that, through its partnership in the Prescription
Drug Safety Network
("the Network"), more than 6,000 high school
students in 103 schools gained access to an innovative evidence-based
digital prevention curriculum created by prevention education leader EVERFI
during the 2017 – 2018 school year. Nationwide, 57,000 students accessed
the digital Prescription Drug Safety prevention curriculum and
increased their scores on six different learning modules by an average
of 49 percent.1

The Network is a nationwide coalition of public and private-sector
organizations that share a commitment of empowering students with skills
to help them make safe and healthy decisions about prescription
medications. The Network was created by EVERFI to raise awareness of the
opioid crisis at a national level and bring the Prescription Drug
prevention curriculum to high school students at scale.

"We're excited to be part of the Network that is driving measurable
improvements in knowledge gain and self-reported confidence related to
prescription drug safety," said Lisa C. Miller, Pharm. D, head of
Corporate Social Responsibility, Purdue Pharma. "We're committed to
ensuring a greater reach of this critical educational offering across
our home state of Connecticut and are pleased to have enthusiastic
partners through the Connecticut Prevention Network to help make this a

Through Purdue's support of the Network, students in California,
Connecticut, Ohio, Tennessee, and West Virginia accessed the curriculum
in the 2017-18 academic year. As reported by EVERFI, students in these
regions demonstrated:

  • A 131 percent knowledge increase in their ability to support a friend
    who may be abusing prescription drugs (from 39 percent pre-course to
    90 percent post-course);
  • A 62 percent increase in the number of students who reported that they
    can identify the signs of prescription drug misuse and abuse (from 45
    percent pre-course to 73 percent post-course);
  • A 37 percent increase in students who report they are confident in
    their ability to step in to help someone who is misusing or abusing
    prescription drugs (from 46 percent pre-course to 63 percent
    post-course); and
  • A 36 percent increase in their understanding of effective refusal
    skills (from 67 percent pre-course to 91 percent post-course).

The digital Prescription Drug Safety curriculum was also well
regarded by teachers. Results from a national teacher survey found that
83 percent of educators who had been trained to deploy the program would
recommend the course to their peers.

The Connecticut Prevention Network

The Connecticut
Prevention Network
(CPN) is a collection of regional coalitions that
bring together government leaders, mental health and substance abuse
treatment professionals, law enforcement, social service providers,
school personnel, parents, civic groups, faith organizations, youth and
others to advocate for wellness initiatives across all 169 cities and
towns in Connecticut. Through a partnership with Purdue, CPN will raise
awareness of EVERFI's Prescription Drug Safety curriculum beyond
the schools through parental engagement.

"The Connecticut Prevention Network's priorities include the prevention
of prescription drug abuse and addiction through education, combined
with advocating for responsible prescription practices," said CPN
representative Allison A. Fulton, CPS. "The EVERFI curriculum will
increase knowledge among students, while our community initiatives will
raise awareness about the importance of responsible use of prescription

About EVERFI's Evidence-Based, Population-Level Approach

Grounded in behavior change theory and the incorporation of
evidence-based practices, the Prescription Drug Safety curriculum
utilizes social norms theory to engage the healthy majority of students
who do not misuse or abuse prescription drugs and challenge
misperceptions about the prevalence and social acceptance of
prescription drug misuse and abuse. Bystander intervention strategies
are incorporated to help students recognize the signs of prescription
drug misuse and abuse and build self-efficacy to assist someone who may
be struggling with such issues. Interactive scenarios and self-guided
activities help students practice healthy decision-making in a safe
virtual environment. The curriculum also includes teacher-guided
classroom interaction to socialize and solidify the learning experience.
The course is aligned with the Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention's National Health Education Standards and state academic

About the Study Methodology

The data presented in this release includes results from in-course
assessments used to measure students' knowledge and pre- and post-course
surveys to measure their attitudes and behaviors on prescription drug
use. For the five Purdue-sponsored regions, 6,205 students completed Prescription
Drug Safety
during the 2017-2018 academic year. Attitude and
behavior survey results for the Purdue-sponsored regions include 5,849
pre-course responses and 1,354 post-course responses.

About EVERFI, Inc.

EVERFI, Inc. is the leading education technology company that provides
learners of all ages education for the real world, through innovative
and scalable digital learning. Founded in 2008, EVERFI has certified
over 20 million learners in critical skill areas with more than 4,300
partners in all 50 U.S. states and Canada. EVERFI is an industry leader
that builds Networks to tackle the toughest social issues, including the
Campus Prevention Network, a coalition of higher education institutions
committed to campus sexual assault and alcohol abuse prevention; and the
Financial Capability Network, a coalition of industry leaders dedicated
to improving financial outcomes for communities across the country.

About Purdue Pharma

Purdue Pharma L.P. develops and provides prescription medicines that
meet the evolving needs of healthcare professionals, patients, and
caregivers. We were founded by physicians and we are currently led by a
physician. Beyond our efforts to provide quality medications, Purdue is
committed to supporting national, regional and local collaborations to
drive innovations in patient care. Privately held, Purdue is pursuing a
pipeline of new medications and technologies through internal research &
development and strategic industry partnerships. For more information,
please visit


Prescription Drug Safety Network. Prescription Drug Safety Course.
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