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SeniorWell Announces Hiring of Dr. Lowell Weil, Jr.


SeniorWell, a mobile healthcare company delivering podiatry, optometry,
dentistry, and audiology services to a variety of senior-assistance
communities across the Midwest, today announced its partnership with Dr.
Lowell Weil, Jr. of Weil Foot & Ankle Institute.

Through the partnership, Dr. Weil, Jr. will serve as Medical Director of
Podiatry and focus on continuous improvement of clinical services,
training and recruitment for the Podiatry sector of SeniorWell. Dr.
Weil, Jr. joins SeniorWell while continuing as CEO at Weil Foot & Ankle
Institute, where he is a company founder. Since 1965, Weil Foot and
Ankle Institute has concentrated on improving the quality of life in a
patient focused environment by providing the most innovative and
knowledgeable foot and ankle care. Dr. Weil, Jr. began his practice in
1996 after completing his residency at the University of Pennsylvania
and Fellowship in Europe. An internationally known researcher and
lecturer, Dr. Weil, Jr. has published over 50 scientific papers,
articles and book chapters on the care of foot and ankle conditions.

"I am extremely excited about my partnership with SeniorWell. They have
demonstrated a commitment to providing exceptional care to patients in
settings that often get overlooked by others," said Lowell Weil, Jr.,
SeniorWell Medical Director of Podiatry. "It is an opportunity for Weil
Foot & Ankle Institute to improve healthcare for Seniors and to enhance
their quality of life."

"With the leadership of Dr. Weil, Jr., SeniorWell will build a
distinguished group of podiatric providers that will help our seniors
manage their daily care," said John Moroney, Chief Executive Officer of
SeniorWell. "We always strive to provide the highest quality service to
our patients and we will better deliver on this promise with the
expertise of Dr. Lowell Weil, Jr. on our team."

About SeniorWell

SeniorWell is a leading provider of mobile medical services, connecting
seniors with the care they need to thrive. SeniorWell delivers podiatry,
optometry, dentistry, and audiology services to Senior communities
across the Midwest. SeniorWell's mission is to empower seniors to live a
long, active and healthy life by providing exceptional quality

In addition to providing on-site care, SeniorWell also manufactures and
fabricates custom hearing aids, dentures, and eyeglasses in its FDA
approved lab. For more information about SeniorWell and how it improves
quality of life for seniors, visit

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