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Ubiquitous Energy Selected to Receive $3 Million Grant From the California Energy Commission to Further Its Transparent Solar Technology


, the leader in transparent solar technology, is pleased to
announce that it has been selected to receive a grant of $3 million from
the California Energy Commission through the Bringing Rapid Innovation
Development to Green Energy (BRIDGE)
program to accelerate the commercialization of advanced energy efficient
windows. As part of the grant program, the company will partner with the
world-renowned building energy efficiency group at Lawrence Berkeley
National Laboratory.

Ubiquitous Energy's transparent solar coating, ClearView
, selectively absorbs and converts non-visible light
(ultraviolet and infrared) to electricity while transmitting visible
light. ClearView Power™ doubles as a solar control coating in addition
to its electricity generation by blocking infrared light that is
commonly known as solar heat. The transparent solar coating can be
applied to vertical surfaces of buildings, turning traditional windows
into highly energy efficient and electricity generating windows that are
aesthetically pleasing and acceptable to architects, designers, and

ClearView Power™ applied to all California windows could provide annual
energy savings and generation of up to 20 terawatt hours, offsetting
nearly 10% of the state's electricity consumption. "It is a strong
testament to our team and technology that our project to increase energy
efficiency of windows was selected by the California Energy Commission
in such a competitive funding opportunity," said Ubiquitous Energy CEO,
Miles Barr.

Applied directly to glass using standard glass coating equipment,
ClearView Power™ is a highly transparent, color neutral coating. This
award from the California Energy Commission will enable Ubiquitous
Energy to accelerate the development and scale its ClearView Power
technology. This novel and patent protected technology will provide a
truly transparent energy harvesting solution to the Building Integrated
Photovoltaic (BIPV) market enabling zero net energy buildings and beyond.

About Ubiquitous Energy

is the world leader in transparent photovoltaics. Its
award-winning ClearView Power™ technology is the only truly transparent
solar product. ClearView Power™ harvests solar energy and serves as an
invisible, onboard source of electricity for a variety of end products.
The thin coating can be applied to the surface of building or automotive
to provide electricity generation and energy efficiency or to the
displays of
electronic devices
to provide infinite battery life. Spun out
of MIT, Ubiquitous Energy is now producing its highly transparent,
efficient solar cells in its pilot production facility in Silicon
Valley. For more information, visit

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