Market Overview

Pathway OME Launches Sport iQ


Offering the Consumer Insight on How Genes Play a Role in the Body's
Response to Exercise

Pathway Genomics OME, a leader in the DNA testing industry, is launching
a new test focused on exercise performance for their direct-to-consumer
(DTC) line of products. Sport iQ ($149) is the newest and most
advanced exercise genetic test available, which gives the consumer an
in-depth look into how genes play a role in the body's response to
exercise and other metabolic components. Along with the test report, the
user will receive a detailed exercise plan based on the report results;
and also the ability to have their results used for ongoing
sports-related genomic trials.

"Sport iQ was in part designed with Pathway-generated data from the
largest ever exome-genomic exercise study of 1200 elite marathon
athletes, of which we are continually analyzing by Machine Learning and
publishing new insights," says Dr. Michael Nova, Chief Innovative
Officer and company founder. [Ref:]

Learning how your body responds to exercise is paramount to overall
preventative health and human performance. Most people go through years
of trial and error before figuring out what is best for their unique
metabolism. By using the power of your DNA, this test acts as a
blueprint guide to help you understand what your body is made for at the
most fundamental level possible.

From the beginner to the stay-at-home mom, or the elite athlete, this
test can provide the consumer at any level with personalized knowledge
to begin a new journey towards better health, wellness, and optimal

About Pathway Genomics

Since its founding in 2008, Pathway Genomics (
has become known for its dedication to innovation – making it a leader
in the commercial healthcare industry. Focusing on providing users with
the most validated and personalized healthcare information delivered to
any device, the company's program with IBM data is the first of its kind
to merge artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning with precision
medicine, applicable to both consumers and providers.

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