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TNS Marks Major Milestone for Feature-Rich Telco Hub


Network Services
(TNS) is celebrating the 5th anniversary
of the TNS Data Services Hub, which now has 29 US operators as members
and a growing number of international carriers and operator groups. Last
month, TNS handled over 5 billion LTE diameter signaling messages across
its network and more than 30 billion in the last year.

The TNS Data Services Hub provides a technical and business framework
for simplifying LTE,
as well as other next-generation data connectivity, interoperability or
roaming needs among participating operators.

Earlier this year, TNS launched six critical roaming risk mitigation
capabilities, including data capping, usage notifications, automated
roamer greetings, and data throttling. In addition, the advanced 4G
ecosystem has recently been boosted with a wealth of new features and is
now providing live VoLTE
services to multiple operators across the US.

Bill Versen, Chief Product Officer at TNS, said: "We're delighted that
the TNS Data Services Hub has reached its 5th birthday in
such a strong position. We designed this ecosystem to provide operators
with scale and overcome interoperability issues across multiple vendor
variants and protocols and have continued to invest in and expand its
capabilities. We pride ourselves in being a market leader."

David Kaemmer, Vice President of Sales at TNS' Wholesale Telecoms
business, said: "Customers see us as a pioneer, having been one of the
first to launch testing and support for LTE data roaming, multi- and
bi-lateral roaming, and, more recently, VoLTE roaming. We drive
technological innovation and will continue to make essential new
features available to our customers."

TNS is currently piloting data
services that promise to help operators take control of
their data consumption costs, which have been escalating since the
reintroduction of unlimited data plans.

Mr. Kaemmer said: "One operator pain point we have identified is the
danger presented by uncontrollable wholesale data roaming costs. Our new
Data Optimization and Hub Break Out service will help operators to
address this issue by limiting these costs, while ensuring subscriber
roaming demands are still met."

Mr. Versen adds: "We have also expanded our support of VoLTE
with Emergency Break Out (EBO) call routing services to enable
local access to the nearest PSAP, which helps operators meet regulatory
requirements in a more streamlined and cost-effective manner. TNS fully
inter-operates with notable E911 providers, thus supporting VoLTE E911
calls for roamers and the operators' own subscribers alike. TNS VoLTE
E911 Emergency Break Out identifies and routes critical VoLTE 911
traffic more efficiently than other market offerings as we account for
TDM to IP evolution."

The CCA LTE Roaming Hub, powered by TNS, is also part of the TNS Data
Services Hub and now encompasses 65 million subscribers across 25

Mr. Kaemmer said: "We've continued to regularly sign new members to the
CCA LTE Roaming Hub and have a number of new agreements being finalized
over the summer. We expect that this year our hub will cover more than
half of the top 40 international destinations of US travellers, which
accounts for the majority of the international roaming traffic of our

From small rural operators in the US to the largest multi-national
carriers, TNS has over 500 operator customers and addresses the full
needs of wireless and wireline operators in the US and globally. TNS'
networks have been specifically designed and configured for the
transmission of transaction-related time sensitive data and support a
variety of widely accepted communications protocols.

Since it was founded in 1990, TNS has grown to provide services in more
than 60 countries across the Americas, Europe and the Asia Pacific
region, and offers 24x7x365 support via its Network Operating Centers in
the US, UK and Australia. For more information about TNS please visit


About Transaction Network Services:

Transaction Network Services (TNS) is a leading global provider of data
communications and interoperability solutions. TNS offers a broad range
of networks and innovative value-added services which enable
transactions and the exchange of information in diverse industries such
as retail, banking, payment processing, telecommunications and the
financial markets.

Founded in 1990 in the United States, TNS has grown steadily and now
provides services in over 60 countries across the Americas, Europe and
the Asia Pacific region, with our reach extending to many more. TNS has
designed and implemented multiple data networks which support a variety
of widely accepted communications protocols and are designed to be
scalable and accessible by multiple methods.

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