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Taxpayers For Accountability In Government, LLC Demands Fiscal Accountability For All Virgin Islanders


for Accountability in Government, LLC
("TAG") is strongly advocating
on behalf of the people of the U.S. Virgin Islands ("USVI") to learn how
much the government actually owes in tax refunds, and why those tax
refunds remain unpaid, often for years at a time. Why does the
government punish its own law abiding citizens by keeping the people's
money? What can we do to stop this abuse?

The law requires that the USVI government set aside 10% of all income
taxes collected for the purpose of paying income tax refunds. The
government violates this law year after year. As a result, the
government is consistently and perennially unable to pay income tax
refunds, and the people are unfairly punished by this mismanagement. TAG
is filing a lawsuit in Superior Court in the USVI to ask the Court to
require that the government follow this law.

"The government of the U.S. Virgin Islands owes millions in income tax
refunds to the detriment of the people of the U.S. Virgin Islands. The
government is standing in the way of its people's recovery efforts from
two Category 5 hurricanes last year by unlawfully withholding income tax
refunds. This abuse must end," said William O. Perkins, III, USVI
resident and supporter of TAG. Mr. Perkins is committed to stopping this
financial abuse by the government of the USVI. In keeping with this
mission, TAG is providing all documents that we receive from the USVI
and federal government to the press to further shine a spotlight on
these critical issues, and to enable the people of the USVI to form
their own conclusions and take action.

During the seven year period from 2011 – 2017, the USVI government was
delinquent in its contributions to the tax refund set aside account by $153,595,723.00.
The government acknowledges that it owes $97,849,992.74
in income tax refunds for the tax years 2007 – 2017.1 But,
why won't the government tell us how it calculated this number? Why is
the government hiding the truth from the people about how it keeps their
money? And most importantly, why does the government persist in keeping
the people's money when the people need to pay their rent, fix their
houses, and feed their families?

In 2016 the government claimed to its auditors that it only owed
$52,833,000.00 in income tax refunds.2 How could this figure
grow by $45 million dollars in two years when the Mapp administration is
supposedly making payment of income tax refunds a priority? The answer
is in the financial statement itself on page 5. The government "does not
maintain the requisite documentation to support" its own tax refund
payable records.

While the documents included with this press release represent a partial
response to TAG's public records request, TAG will continue to pursue
the USVI government to receive documentation of the tax refunds owed and
the process used to pay those refunds. In addition to the litigation
already filed by TAG, TAG supports a class action refund suit for the
taxpayers of the USVI, which will be filed this week. TAG hopes that by
the filing of this class action lawsuit in federal district court, the
federal government will finally require its territory to pay its people
the money it owes them. For further information regarding the class
action lawsuit, the press, or individuals interested in participating in
the suit, are encouraged to e-mail

1 The figure for 2017 is likely lower than the actual amount,
as 2017 income tax returns are still being processed.


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