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Goodpack Releases 3 Millionth MB5 Container


Goodpack Limited, a global provider of supply chain logistics, is
excited to announce the release of its 3 millionth patented galvanized
MB5 container.

Over more than two decades, Goodpack's collapsible, stackable and
nestable containers have become integral to the safe and efficient
supply chain management of payloads that require the highest levels of
care and protection. The MB5 container solution is specifically used
internationally by a range of diverse markets and sectors including
foods, liquids, rubber (natural and synthetic), automotive parts and

Given its proven versatility, the MB5 has been a flagship solution for
customers worldwide and is today one of Goodpack's major fleets,
alongside the MB3/MB4 models, which continue to provide superior
solutions for the transportation of liquids and other non-solids. To
meet international demand by a range of industries experiencing strong
growth, the MB5 containers are today introduced to Goodpack's fleet by
the hundreds of thousands each year.

"This milestone is significant," said Lester Tyra, Senior Vice
President, Global Sales Operations and Marketing. "Goodpack containers
move 8 million payload tons a year, to and from 4,800 global delivery
and collection points. To ship out the 3 millionth container is a clear
indication that — as we make the move to help develop a broader supply
chain eco-system — our core business continues to flourish."

About Goodpack Limited

Goodpack Limited is a world leader in the provision of supply chain
solutions delivered through a network of strategically located global
depots and fleets of intelligent, returnable containers. The Company is
headquartered in Singapore, SG with regional offices in 22 countries and
operational depots in 31 countries covering six continents.

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