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US Bankruptcy Court Approves Hope LoanPort's Mediation Portal Powered by IndiSoft


a global provider of technology solutions for the financial
services industry
, announced today that The US Bankruptcy Court
Northern District of Florida approved Hope LoanPort's (HLP) web-based
mediation portal to satisfy the secure web-portal requirement of its
Mortgage Modification Mediation (MMM) program as described in Amended
Administrative Order No. 15-001.

The Order requires mortgage servicers, mediators, pro se consumers and
debtors' attorneys to choose a secure portal listed in the Order for the
submission and exchange of documents, information and communications.
This is yet another jurisdiction in a recent series of approvals for HLP
and IndiSoft that are helping modernize and increase accessibility to
consumer relief programs for at-risk homeowners nationwide.

While the industry delinquency and foreclosure rates are at pre-crisis
lows, it is opportune for administrative bodies to upgrade their manual,
paper-based and fragmented consumer relief programs. Hans Rusli, CEO of
IndiSoft, said, "All stakeholders benefit from a secure and easy-to-use
web-portal that not only assists consumers and their attorneys, but also
helps mortgage servicers comply with each jurisdiction's document,
milestone and cycle-time requirements".

HLP is now formally approved in the Middle and Northern US Bankruptcy
Districts of Florida and expects to be approved soon in the Southern
District as well.

According to recent data from the American Bankruptcy Institute, more
than 21, 000 personal bankruptcies have been filed in Florida through
June of 2018, the fourth greatest volume among all the states, and many
consumers seek to retain their homes through Florida's Mortgage
Modification Mediation program.

President and CEO of HLP Mark Cole added, "A key point for mortgage
servicers is that since a pro se consumer or the debtor's attorney
chooses the particular prescribed portal, it is important to ensure the
servicer has a user registered with HLP."

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About HLP

is a unique collaborative created in 2009 that engages the key
stakeholders who work with families on homeownership - nonprofit
counselors, advocates, mortgage lenders, servicers and investors,
attorneys and government agencies. Being a national, neutral, nonprofit
organization allows HLP to listen to all the parties and build solutions
that support homeowners and incorporate the unique needs of all
stakeholders. As a result, HLP unifies the housing industry by helping
individuals and families achieve and sustain homeownership. Stakeholders
share information with each other via its technology platform and
collaborate to find solutions to help homeowners. To date, it has helped
more than 600,000 homeowners and aspiring homeowners.

About IndiSoft LLC

Columbia, Md.-based IndiSoft LLC develops collaborative technology
solutions for the financial services industry. Its Sunesis platform
enhances risk-based assessment and helps companies meet regulatory
requirements. The company provides efficient, reliable and scalable
solutions for companies, including mortgage servicers, investors,
insurers and law firms to name a few, that want to remain compliant,
effectively manage workflow and maintain a competitive edge. Connect:
| Twitter: @IndiSoftllc.

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