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DASH Analytics High Definition Care Platform Chosen for CDC Epicenter Trial in Surgical Site Infection


Analytics LLC
, makers of the High Definition Care Platform©,
announced today that their machine learning technology was chosen for a CDC
Epicenters Program
 research trial entitled "SUpPress SSI – Single
Use Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) to Reduce Surgical Site
Infections." The multicenter trial will assess the efficacy of using
negative pressure wound therapy in preventing surgical site infections.

The DASH platform's Surgical Site Infection module is a decision support
tool underpinned by powerful machine learning algorithms. It uses
real-time patient data from the electronic medical record during surgery
to determine a patient's risk of developing a surgical site infection.
The system provides real-time decision support to surgeons during the
operation that allows them to optimize the wound management strategy to
reduce infections. In previous trials, this technology provided a 74%
reduction in surgical site infections in general surgery, improving
patient outcomes and substantially reducing the cost of care.

The CDC Epicenter trial will use the DASH Surgical Site Infection module
to provide objective, real-time risk stratification of patients in the
operating room for potential intervention with negative pressure wound
therapy. This is a critical feature of the trial, as the ability of
clinicians to perform such risk stratification is very limited due to
the multitude of complex patient variables that can lead to surgical
site infection.

W. Cromwell MD
, Chief Technology Officer, stated, "We are very
excited that the CDC, through their funding, has endorsed this
innovative approach to reducing infections. We are looking forward to
DASH Analytics being an enabling technology for hospitals to eliminate
infections through real-time data analytics."

The Surgical Site Infection Module is but one component of the DASH High
Definition Care Platform, a machine learning technology platform that is
designed to use real-time data analytics to maximize the value of care
delivered in hospitals to: 1) improve patient outcomes, 2) reduce
clinical variations in care, and 3) reduce the costs of hospital care.

About DASH
Analytics LLC

DASH Analytics is the developer of the High Definition Care Platform©
(HDCP), a suite of real-time decision support tools that use
state-of-the-art machine learning and prescriptive analytics on
electronic health records and other data sources for optimizing
front-line clinical care. Examples of clinical issues that can be
profoundly impacted by HDCP include surgical site infections, blood
conservation, delirium, and sepsis. The DASH HDCP works with any EMR
system, offering best-in-class technology to accurately predict outcomes
and support appropriate clinical responses. HDCP is validated on each
hospital's own data to capture unique characteristics of each
institution and its patient population. HDCP can be flexibly deployed in
the provider's current workflow.

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