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BOC Group has just released ADONIS:CE – A Milestone in Free Cloud BPM Tools!


announces the release of brand new ADONIS:Community
Edition, now available in the cloud for free.

Today, BOC Group launched the next in line descendent of its
worldwide-known free Business Process Management tool, ADONIS:CE. This
launch is more than just a product update: it marks the ADONIS:Community
Edition's shift to the battle-tested web-platform and its transition to
the cloud as SaaS.

Based on the latest version of BPM suite's commercial edition ADONIS NP
5.5, ADONIS:CE makes a grand entrance with its fresh design,
state-of-the-art functionality and exceptional user experience.

Tobias Rausch, ADONIS product manager elaborates: "We believe in
spreading BPM to all regions, as well as teams and companies of all
sizes, by providing a free-of-charge tool that helps businesses improve
their process game. That is why we have designed a freely available BPM
tool with such an outstanding and rich feature-set."

In addition to the capabilities mentioned above, ADONIS:CE comes with an
extensive repository populated with sample content for users to explore
in preparation for their BPM initiatives. ADONIS:CE also offers a
Knowledge Centre with comprehensive tutorial videos that facilitate
users' efforts towards mastering the tool.

All ADONIS:CE users get included as members of the ADONIS:Community, an
online platform dedicated to fostering the exchange of ideas and
experiences in BPM as a whole, as well as promoting BPM with
ADONIS:Community Edition. Thus, users have the opportunity to
participate in numerous lively discussions and rely on support of their
fellow community members.

The new ADONIS:CE is officially available from today. For all interested
parties, BOC Group recommends registering
for a personal ADONIS:CE account
, to experience first-hand this
free, cutting-edge, revolutionary, BPM software.

About the BOC Group

BOC Group develops software products and services for effective and
extensive management of all capabilities and assets within your
organization. The company puts a strong emphasis on improving Process
Management and Enterprise Architecture capabilities as well as
facilitating better Governance and Compliance.

ADONIS global customers include, among others, Airbus, Allianz, Emerson,
Generali, Hilti, Rewe and Telefonica.

We deliver our products and services with over 200 employees spread
across Athens, Berlin, Dublin, Madrid, Paris, Vienna, Warsaw and
Winterthur and with more than 90 partners around the globe.

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