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Nanodevices and Nanomachines: The Global Market to 2028 -


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From a 2018 perspective, it is impossible to foresee all of the impacts
of nanomachines on science, medicine and industry, but the impacts are
likely be tremendous. It would be surprising if nanomachines were not
surrounded by a great deal of hype considering their potential. This
hype includes both rosy predictions of the ways in which nanomachines
could serve mankind, as well as apocalyptic scenarios, such as the one
in which out-of-control self-replicating robots consume all the biomass
on Earth while building more of themselves.

Even the positive hype carries the risk of a backlash, as it can create
unrealistic expectations for nanotechnology. People tend to withdraw
when expectations are not met, or worse, they turn oppositional. As a
result, legitimate nanomachine technologies and applications are hurt,
along with the pseudos, as funding and markets dry up.

Key Topics Covered:

1 Introduction

2 Summary And Highlights

3 Technology And Market Overview

4 Fabrication Methods

5 Market Breakdown By Technology

6 Market Breakdown By Application

7 Market Breakdown By Region

8 Developments That Could Influence The Nanomachine Market

9 Industry Structure

10 Patent Review

11 Analysis Of Market Opportunities

12 Company Profiles

  • AB Sciex
  • Alio Industries
  • Altair Nanotechnologies
  • Boeing Company
  • Ev Group
  • Exxonmobil
  • Halo Labs Inc.
  • Imina Technologies Sa
  • Innopsys
  • International Business Machines
  • Inanobio
  • Jeol Ltd.
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Mad City Labs Inc.
  • Microfluidics Corp.
  • Mitre Corporation
  • Molecular Imprints
  • Nanolike
  • Nanonex
  • Nanosensors
  • Nanosurf Ag
  • Nil Technology Aps
  • Npoint, Inc.
  • Obducat
  • Oxford Instruments
  • Park Systems Corp.
  • Philips Electronics
  • Shimadzu Corp.
  • Smaract Gmbh
  • Sony Corp.
  • Suss Microtec
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Vista Therapeutics Inc.
  • Xidex Corp.
  • Zyvex Instruments Llc

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