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Storbyte Announces Industry's First 10-Year Enterprise Warranty on All-Flash Storage


Storbyte, developer of a new design in flash storage technologies, today
announced an industry-leading, all-encompassing 10-year warranty policy
on its ECO•FLASH™ drives and arrays, built with Storbyte exclusive SSD
drive designs providing a balance to maximize performance, density,
efficiency, reliability and sustainability. With this industry defining
warranty, Storbyte delivers to their customers greater investment
protection and quality assurance for their enterprise all-flash storage

Storbyte ECO•FLASH is an architecture and management system for
non-volatile memory, with patented technology designed to distribute
read/write workloads across hundreds of independent memory modules. This
design provides enterprise class performance at commodity-based price
points, eliminates the write-cliff phenomenon that degrades performance
and greatly reduces the total Terabytes Written (TBW) associated with
conventional flash memory garbage collection, delivering an ECO•FLASH
solution that will extend the life of the memory up to 10 times longer
than conventional flash systems.

Enterprise environments with intense, uninterrupted read/write data
performance requirements such as broadcast/entertainment, cybersecurity
and read/write analytics place extreme demands on the capabilities of
conventional SSD/NVMe-based storage. At 60 to 75 percent capacity, if
not sooner, the performance impact and accelerated mortality rates
result in SSD drives that will reach the end of their functional life in
as little as seven months.

"We exceed traditional vendor performance, longevity and price point
expectations for all-flash arrays with an industry exclusive design that
reduces wear virtually eliminating SSD replacement requirements over the
expected installation life of a system," said Storbyte Chief Evangelist
Diamond Lauffin. "Enterprise customers rely on us for product
performance, reliability and scale-up, scale-out capacities providing
environments that virtually eliminate hardware associated service or
support calls over a 10-year window of operation."

Storbyte's 10-year warranty offers a 100 percent unlimited write
guarantee based on established MTBF field performance results. Along
with these high standards of durability, the ECO•FLASH technology
consumes on average 30 percent less power per terabyte, and generates
less heat providing yet another industry defining design advantage
resulting in far lower energy costs.

Storbyte ECO•FLASH arrays are available in user definable sizes: ranging
from 32TB to 131TB raw capacity in 1U, 64TB to 524TB raw capacity in 2U,
and 96TB to 1.57PB in 4U, all with user configurable 5:1 compounded
average data reduction. Storbyte's ECO•FLASH series is compatible with
all existing file systems and third-party storage software; and supports
Ethernet, iSCSI, NAS, Fiber and InfiniBand primary connectivity. The
ECO•FLASH systems support a fully integrated Hybrid / Multi-Tier
spinning disk and JBOD expansion capability utilizing Storbyte expansion
packs or any industry standard, user provided open systems hardware.
Storbyte's innovative, future-proof chassis design provides a
component-independent scale-up and scale-out architecture, with a 100%
hot-swappable and individual component accessible design reducing
administrative downtime to virtually zero.

About Storbyte

Storbyte, headquartered in Washington D.C., manufactures enterprise
storage arrays that offer performance, power management, reliability,
density, efficiency, flexibility and affordability. Storbyte has built a
dramatically different architecture with a patented, abstracted command
and control capability layer over a commodity-based multi-mode direct
chip-access architecture. The company's founders have dedicated their
lives to solving the toughest IT problems on the planet, and have not
lost sight of what is most important to end users: a responsible,
cost-correct price point. Visit
for additional information.

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