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10 Techniques That Achieve Breakthrough Innovation: Discover R&D Strategies that Embrace and Facilitate Disruption -


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Techniques That Achieve Breakthrough Innovation"
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Clayton Christensen introduced "Disruptive Innovation" to the business
world in 2005. Companies, thought leaders, and academics have now been
applying and fleshing-out that basic disruptive concept for two decades.

The speaker recently examined the various approaches that now exist. He
has identified ten differentiable approaches to achieve Disruptive
Innovation. They have really great names like: Big Bang, Digical, and

Each of the ten breakthrough "methods" will be presented, along with
recommendations on how to commercialize breakthrough products that may
be ahead of their time.

References to all cited materials are provided in sufficient detail to
enable webinar participants to follow-up on the techniques that may be
of specific interest.


  • Learn benchmarked techniques corporations are using to drive
    breakthrough innovation.
  • Discover R&D strategies that embrace and facilitate disruption.
  • Explore the ten differentiated approaches for creating
    new-to-the-world products.
  • Understand corporate resource and portfolio allocations to produce
    breakthrough results.
  • Learn how to overcome pitfalls and risks when commercializing
    disruptive products.
  • Behold the possible financial returns for disrupting and breaking-up

Innovation Passion

There are folks who have great passion for the specifics of this slice
of the innovation body of knowledge. Is it Breakthrough? Is it
Disruptive? Is it Radical? Is it Transformational? Is it Next
Generation? Is it New-To-The-World; or perhaps just New-To-The-Industry?

Each of these strategies have commonalities and unique features. The
webinar will conclude by contrasting the 10 "Breakthrough" Techniques to
each of these slices of the innovation BoK.

The goal is to share an intellectual hour discussing findings with
corporate leaders on the subject of breakthrough innovation in
corporations and literature, with no analytical spin or promotion by the

References to all cited materials are provided in sufficient detail to
enable participants to follow-up on approaches that might be possible in
their corporate environment.

Target Audience:

  • Business Strategy & Planning
  • Business Development
  • Innovation Strategy & Management
  • Marketing & Product Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Research & Development
  • Product Development
  • Sales & Commercialization Organizations

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