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World Steel Statistics Monthly gives an overview of trade by 42
countries for 17 major product groups as well as some production data.
It covers steel as well as raw materials, and shows the steel trade by
broad product group for major countries showing 24 months data. It also
displays trade by market for selected countries and summary production

This subscriptions brings together import and export data for all major
countries and products.

Why should you purchase:

- Shows price trends of major steel products traded

- Shows price trends for iron ore, scrap and ferro alloys

- Shows top importing/exporting countries

Who Should Purchase:

- Steel producers

- Traders

- Consultants

- Industry analysts

- Marketing manager

- Purchasing manager

- Marketing analyst

This publisher is the leading producer of steel industry statistics in
the UK. However, with its international trade sources, the company is
able to produce a wide range of standard and tailor-made reports and
services aimed at facilitating the decision-making and long-term
planning of the global steel industry:

- Detailed trade data for 60 countries worldwide;

- Trade by specified period or time series;

- Products classified at commodity level or more summary classifications;

- With country of source or destination;

- With individual countries or regional aggregates;

- Less detailed annual data on the steel trade of several other
countries not shown in this report

Key Topics Covered:

1. Commentary

2. Definitions and Notes

3. Crude Steel

4. Finished Steel

5. Trade, Steel Products

6. Trade, Raw Materials

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