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Bactevo Announces Addition to Scientific Advisory Board and Company Name Change


Bactevo Ltd. announced today that Professor Pietro Lio of the Computer
Laboratory in Cambridge University has joined its Scientific Advisory
Board. Pietro brings a wealth of skills from the disciplines of
bioinformatics and machine learning. During his distinguished career,
Pietro has pioneered the development and testing of novel methodologies
for modelling biomolecular processes for complex diseases and

Bactevo also announces an immediate change of company name to Nanna
Therapeutics. The name change has been instigated to reflect evolution
of the company's business strategy around a 21st century
approach to the generation of new medicines. By leveraging tools such as
advanced machine learning to unlock the full power of its proprietary
TIME platform, which couples unique ‘tagless' encoded small-molecule
library generation with ultra-high throughput microfluidics-based
screening capabilities, the company believes the process of drug
discovery and development can be transformed.

David Williams, CEO of Nanna Therapeutics said: "Pietro is a great
addition to our team as we progress on the journey to create
breakthrough medicines.
His extensive experience in machine
learning applied to the medical sector, especially neuroinformatics,
will be an excellent and timely addition to the superb group of
top-class scientists on our Advisory Board as we ramp up the levels of
drug discovery data generated from our TIME platform.
this part our team is also accompanied by our company name change to
Nanna Therapeutics, a move we felt was essential to acknowledge the
business, now concentrating on making new therapies for unmet medical

About Nanna Therapeutics

Nanna Therapeutics has built a unique, game-changing Totally
Integrated Medicines Engine (TIME)
to create novel therapeutics.
Enabled by advanced machine learning, TIME utilises its paradigm shift
in the speed, efficiency and quality of drug discovery, as well as
dramatically enhanced safety profiling, to improve clinical success. In
addition to working with partners to develop novel first-in-class
medicines in multiple disease areas, Nanna Therapeutics is developing
breakthrough medicines for the treatment of age-related diseases,
focusing first on those affecting mitochondrial function, such as MELAS,
as well as diseases of the central nervous system including Parkinson's
disease and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

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