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Zendesk Launches Discord Integration Enabling Seamless Customer Support Within World's Largest Gaming Community


150M Users on Discord can now access fast support without disrupting
in-game experience

Zendesk, Inc. (NYSE:ZEN) today announced an integration with Discord
that makes it easier for game developers and publishers to solve
customer service issues directly in Discord without interrupting game

With the launch of this integration, gamers or community moderators can
now open a Zendesk support ticket directly from Discord, a fast-growing
free voice, video, and text chat application used by more than 46
million gamers a month. Historically, gamers have had to email, call or
reach out on social media for issues like reporting a bug. This would
take them away from their game, resulting in poorly executed and
fragmented customer experiences. With the Zendesk Discord integration,
gamers can now reach customer service from within the Discord app,
creating more efficiency and allowing agents to track, solve and report
customer service issues without interrupting the gaming experience.

The Zendesk Discord integration extends Zendesk's omnichannel service to
the popular gaming app, where Discord users send more than 530 million
messages a day. Zendesk's omnichannel customer service offering helps
customer service teams manage communication with customers across any
channel they choose, including email, chat, phone, self-service
channels, popular messaging apps and collaboration services like Slack.

"The Discord integration is one of the first-of-its kind in the gaming
industry, and another example of how Zendesk enables companies to engage
with customers where they are," said Mikkel Svane, Founder and CEO,
Zendesk. "Gaming companies are now able to engage with their customers
on the most popular gaming communications channel without interrupting
their experience."

The integration also opens up opportunities for gaming company customer
service and experience teams to focus on expedited service, allowing
game developers to create new and more engaging ways to connect with
players. For example, if a player experiences a bug or a crash, they can
report it to the game's customer service team in real time allowing
developers to collect feedback as things happen.

"Everything at Discord is focused on how we improve gaming experiences
for our superfans and seamless customer support is a huge part of that,"
said Eros Resmini, CMO, Discord. "This Zendesk integration takes
advantage of valuable real-time communication with customers and allows
game makers a modern, more efficient way to support their players. As
long time supporters and customers of Zendesk, we're excited to see
gaming communities benefit from integrations like these."

According to Zendesk's own Benchmark data, customers across the board
supported via an integrated omnichannel offering experience 31 percent
faster first resolution times. For gamers, this means they can get back
to playing the game faster; and for agents, it means they can handle a
larger volume of support tickets.

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