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Event Planner Launches Company and Software to Make Work Trips Drama Free


New company, Switch Four, announces WorkTrip event planning tool at GBTA

Switch Four today announced the launch of its first product, WorkTrip,
an event planning tool that provides an easier, more organized and
efficient way for busy corporate event and meeting planners to maximize
event communication and minimize travel risk.

With WorkTrip, event and meeting planners keep track of everything in a
single tool, including events, people, travel and schedules. The tool
stores all of their event details, updates them in real time and
instantly communicates to everyone who needs them. Real time
notifications inform event attendees of information and any risks for
their travel destination. Designed to solve common business trip issues,
WorkTrip lets event planners be more productive by giving everyone
everything they need at their fingertips, exactly when they need it.

Event and meeting planners need efficient and organized tools to help
them produce successful event experiences. Managing the execution of an
event is just one part of the job. Making sure that everyone attending
the event has everything they need is another. Often times, separate
systems are used to book travel for events, provide travel details to
the organizer and email to relay event details and relevant documents,
resulting in scattered information. Emails with important information
get buried in inboxes and then event planners are constantly answering
questions about the event that have already been answered, wasting so
much of their valuable time.

"For years, I was part of an events team that handled well over 100
events a year and I know firsthand, the pains associated with planning,
executing and traveling to corporate events," said Heather Haigler,
co-founder of Switch Four. "I envisioned a solution that could integrate
disparate systems and be a centralized place where planners could upload
information that was accessible to everyone on their mobile device. I'm
incredibly excited to say that this dream has become a reality and we
really are making business travel easier."

WorkTrip was created to lessen the pains associated with planning,
executing and traveling to corporate events and Switch Four has already
proven that it is a worthy and attainable mission. Within the first six
months of the limited release period, 100 percent of the company's pilot
program participants have already signed on as customers.

And, most importantly, WorkTrip is saving their customers time, enabling
them to be more productive and making their jobs easier:

  • "Because I'm able to email the entire group through WorkTrip at once,
    it saves me an extraordinary amount of time," said Samantha Nelson,
    Corporate Event Planner, Carboline Company.
  • "It's a one stop shop – everything is in one place," said Samantha
    Heckman, Marketing Manager at Accuform. "During busy weeks, WorkTrip
    saves me multiple hours of work."
  • "Everything about WorkTrip makes my reps lives easier, which in turn
    makes my job easier," said Keri Steinmetz, Marketing & Tradeshow
    Coordinator, Trinity3 Technology.

To see how WorkTrip makes work easier, stop by booth #1052 at GBTA for a
demo or contact us at:

About Switch Four

WorkTrip was designed by Switch Four, LLC, a subsidiary of Glen Raven,
Inc. We are a software development company that focuses on providing
SaaS platforms that make lives easier through mobile and web-based

At Switch Four, we seek to understand the challenges faced by modern
businesses. Our team provides solutions built from innovative thinking,
customer centric design, and the belief that anything is possible.
Through Glen Raven's 136 years in business, we have continued to grow
through the creation of new products and the cultivation of new ideas.
At Switch Four, we are passionate about providing a culture that
supports and encourages creativity, diversity, and learning. Our mission
is to create solutions that enable businesses to be more efficient and
more productive.

For more information about WorkTrip, visit:
or follow us on: Twitter,
and Facebook.

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