Market Overview

RELEASE Co., Ltd.: Valuable Information and Reliable Evaluation Greatly Change the Future of SNS! In May 2018, We Began to Develop the "Next Generation Social Media Distributed Platform"


We have combined the three technologies of block chain + big data + AI
(artificial intelligence) in order to improve social media RELEASE which
has already started, aiming at fusion of social media (SNS) and
e-commerce (shopping). By building a platform, we will contribute to the
further development of the Internet in the world by completing the next
generation social commerce, with the aim of making individual and
regional people comfortable and affluent living.
You can see our
RELEASE site from here

In particular, in the e-commerce field, emphasis is placed on
agriculture and fishery, the seller decides prices on the spot freshly
picked fresh vegetables and fruits and freshly picked fish and
shellfishes promptly to general users. By creating a structure that can
be offered, we will transform the logistics of agriculture and fishery
in the world.

The feeling that we put in RELEASE PROJECT!

We are building a distributed platform RELEASE that combines social
media (SNS) and e-commerce (shopping), and to fulfill the role as a
next-generation social commerce, we will provide high quality and value
to people all over the world. For the purpose of providing information,
we will make social platforms function in the long term and realize
these by circulation of REL token.

By all means, I hope that you understand the purpose of RELEASE ICO
PROJECT and that you can participate.


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