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CREW By True Rowing Revolutionizes Connected Fitness, Announces Funding from Olympic Rower


Following the Peloton revolution, the connected fitness world is again
being upended by CREW by True Rowing with the announcement today of $5
million in seed capital to bring a connected indoor rowing machine to

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CREW by True Rowing brings the special benefits of on-the-water rowing to consumers worldwide with a ...

CREW by True Rowing brings the special benefits of on-the-water rowing to consumers worldwide with a connected indoor rowing machine. (Photo: Business Wire)

Olympian and Indoor Rowing World Record Holder Richard M. Cashin and
avid rowing enthusiast P. Andrews McLane, both private equity
executives, are among those funding CREW by True Rowing to deliver the
special benefits of on-the-water rowing to consumers worldwide.

CREW by True Rowing daily creates inspiring live content broadcast
straight from the cradle of American rowing, the Charles River in
Boston, Mass. Instructors inspire home workouts with compelling music,
real-time feedback, and daily stories from their journey to the National
Team, all delivered on CREW's proprietary, patent-pending
broadcast-and-delivery system.

CREW has built a beautiful new indoor rowing machine that looks and
sounds unlike any other on the market. With a sleek, beautiful design
that reminds viewers of the water, it is nearly noiseless in operation.

Rowing is long recognized as the best whole-body workout, working nearly
twice as many muscles as cycling.

"We are extremely pleased with the support from investors," said Bruce
Smith, CEO of True Rowing. "We are taking the extraordinary experience
that rowers have cherished for a century and a half on the water and
delivering it for the first time to homes everywhere. We will broadcast
live on the water to the 22-inch screen on the CREW rowing machine.
Consumers get a better workout in half the time on our rower, and we
focus on the rhythm and skill of world class rowers who are eager to
share their passion for this uniquely beneficial sport."

True Rowing makes the experience of rowing on the water accessible to
millions for the first time, leveraging new technology to transmit the
complete rowing experience to CREW's connected rowing machine. Rowers at
home will experience the rhythm and the environment of being out on the
water, transforming the experience of working out on an indoor rower.

Dani Hansen, CREW's Lead Instructor, said: "Rowing in time with another
person transforms the experience of working out. Rowing leaves you
feeling strong and integrated because it uses your core, legs, back and
arms, and we could not be more excited to share this with the world."

CREW by True Rowing has attracted a group of National Team rowing
instructors and enthusiasts, led by Smith, a former US National Team
Coach and executive director of Community Rowing, a worldwide leader in
rowing that has been instrumental in the growth and development of the
sport in the U.S.

"Rowing used to be something that was reserved for the top 1 percent,"
Smith said. "CREW by True Rowing is dedicated to bringing the special
benefits of this sport to the rest of the world."

"Rowing uses 86 percent of the body's muscles compared to about 44
percent used in cycling," he said. "With CREW's live and on-demand
workouts, we will provide a more complete experience for people to get
great workouts in the convenience and privacy of their home."

Smith said Peloton has done a great job of providing a new experience
for people interested in cycling. Rowing can deliver even more to the
connected fitness experience.

Rowing is one of the few exercises that uses both the upper and lower
body. Rowing burns calories, is an effective method for weight loss, and
offers both strength training and a cardio workout.

"We built a machine that belongs in the living room, not the basement,
because we want whole health to be a part of our customer's daily life,"
Smith said.

True Rowing estimates there are between 175,000 and 250,000 rowers in
the U.S. However, there are also approximately 4.3 million people who
use indoor rowing machines on a daily basis.

"Our goal is to bring rowing to millions of people," Smith said. "I've
seen what rowing can do for thousands of people at Community Rowing and
am looking forward to how True Rowing can connect people to this great

True Rowing expects to begin accepting orders for CREW machines in the
coming weeks. To sign up for an interest list, please visit

About True Rowing

True Rowing brings the experience of rowing on the water to the at-home
exercise market. Based in Cambridge, Mass., the company has created
CREW, which brings on-water instruction from a team of expert rowers to
home. Please visit the website,,
to learn more about True Rowing and the CREW rowing machine.

Pre-order: (857) 242-6770

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