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64th Grand Consul Krach Endows Annual Leadership Training Workshop


Krach Transformational Leaders Workshop (KTLW) to debut in 2019

One of the most significant and pioneering leadership training
experiences in the Greek-letter fraternal world will receive a major
transformation thanks to the vision and generosity of one of the Sigma
Chi International Fraternity's long-time visionaries.

Keith Krach, PURDUE 1979, the Fraternity's 64th Grand Consul and
world-renowned entrepreneur made a major commitment to the Fraternity's
future during the 2018 Balfour Leadership Training Workshop at Bowling
Green State University. He announced an endowment-level lead gift that
will perpetuate the event for decades to come, the Sigma Chi Foundation
announced Monday.

Order of Constantine, Significant Sig and a 1979 International Balfour
Award Winner himself, Keith Krach unveiled the Krach Transformational
Leaders Workshop, which will replace the previously-pioneering Balfour
LTW event as the largest leadership training event in the Greek-letter
fraternal world in 2019.

"My Workshop experience sparked my passion for leadership and played a
pivotal role in my Sigma Chi journey. And that journey has profoundly
impacted my life—from my values to my leadership style, to my best
friends, to my companies, to my spirituality, to my Sig sons and even to
my dear Sweetheart Metta," said Krach. "I feel so blessed to be able to
give back to the fraternity I love so much and that has given so much to
me. It is a great honor to pay it forward to this generation of
transformational leaders who will in return mentor the next generation.
That, in essence, is what Sigma Chi is all about."

Krach's gift specifically affects Workshop but also serves as a
springboard for an endowment that carries Sigma Chi's leadership vision
far beyond a three-day annual event and onto campuses and communities
across the United States and Canada.

"Brother Krach's gift will be the engine that enables Sigma Chi's
efforts in creating a transformative leadership experience for our
members," said Sigma Chi Executive Director Mike Church, ILLINOIS
. "We are blessed to have his pay-it-forward leadership making
such an enormous impact on the hearts and minds of future generations of
Sigma Chis. I am beyond humbled and honored to call him a brother and a

Sigma Chi Foundation President & CEO Ashley Woods, EAST TENNESSEE
, said: "As a volunteer, most notably as a transformational
Grand Consul, Keith has been a long-time catalyst for the leadership
development of our undergraduate brothers. Keith's generosity today
helps ensure that the world's largest training workshop for Greek
leaders will continue for generations to come."

Transformational leadership has been a recurring theme in the life of
Krach, both professionally and in his life as a Sigma Chi, dating back
to his first workshop experience at the University of Wyoming in 1976.
The leadership lessons learned and mentors gained at his three
Leadership Training Workshops as a Purdue undergrad inspired decades of
volunteer work within the Fraternity that culminated in his election as
64th Grand Consul in 2005.

During his six-year term as Chairman of the Leadership Training Board,
of which he was a pivotal member for 10 years, Krach, alongside past
Sigma Chi Foundation President Frank Raymond, PENN STATE 1971,
helped secure funding from the L.G. Balfour Foundation to endow the
Leadership Training Workshop in 1997. Under Krach's leadership, the LTB
led the development and launch of the Horizons Leadership Summit in
Snowbird, Utah, and he endowed a session of the six-day retreat in 2002.

Upon his election as Grand Consul in 2005, Krach unveiled the
150th-anniversary strategic plan that pivoted Sigma Chi's vision to
become the preeminent collegiate leadership development organization.

"It was really the success of Horizons coupled with the broad impact of
Workshop that inspired our strategic planning team to focus almost
exclusively on leadership development," Krach said.

Professionally, outside of Sigma Chi, the Fraternity's leadership
lessons helped guide and mold the direction of world-renowned companies
such as Ariba and DocuSign under Krach's leadership.

Conversely, the company playbook model used by Krach to build his
companies, including mission, vision, long-term goals, strategy, and
execution, served as the framework for developing Sigma Chi's strategic

"The values for all the companies I helped build were always based off
the principles of Sigma Chi. I drew on the ideals of Sigma Chi to
empower high-performance teams with different temperaments, talents, and
convictions who weren't afraid to challenge the status quo. The
innovation and results just naturally followed. I believe that the Sigma
Chi formula combined with diversity-of-thought is the catalyst for
genius and the secret sauce for transformational change," Krach said.

"Everybody asks me, 'Where did you learn that? How did you learn to
build disruptive companies with such great value-based cultures? Did you
learn it at Harvard Business School?' I always smile and proudly say,
'No, the Sigma Chi Fraternity.'"

Eleven years after his term as Grand Consul came to an end, the impact
of Krach's transformational leadership and vision is felt today in Sigma
Chi in its Leadership Learning Continuum, highlighted by Sigma Chi U and
an array of programs whose development was eventually orchestrated from
that initial strategic plan.

The inaugural Krach Transformational Leaders Workshop will launch on
August 1, 2019.


SIGMA CHI is one of the largest collegiate fraternities with
undergraduate chapters at 242 universities and colleges and more than
250,000 living alumni members. Sigma Chi provides a welcoming
environment for young men of different temperaments, talents, and
convictions to enjoy a unique lifelong bond that extends far beyond
college. Through world-class leadership training, extensive mentoring
programs, and a strong focus on academic achievement, Sigma Chi sets
itself apart as the preeminent collegiate leadership development
organization, challenging its members to live by its core values and
exemplify character-in-action™ in every aspect of their lives, and the
lives of others.


THE SIGMA CHI FOUNDATION is a charitable and educational
tax-exempt organization, separate and independent from the Sigma Chi
Fraternity, whose express purpose is to serve as an educational funding
resource for the undergraduate and graduate student members of the Sigma
Chi Fraternity. Through leadership initiatives such as Sigma Chi U, the
new Krach Transformational Leaders Workshop (KTLW), Huntsman Horizons
Leadership Summit, the Sigma Chi Foundation is preparing our young men
to be the value-centered leaders to guide us in the 21st century.

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