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Sphere Fluidics Appoints Dr Tris Vaughan as Scientific Advisor


Sphere Fluidics, a company providing single cell analysis systems
underpinned by its patented picodroplet technology, announced today that
Tris Vaughan, PhD FRSB has joined its scientific advisory board (SAB).
Dr Vaughan's appointment will further strengthen the company's
understanding of biopharmaceutical discovery and cell line development
and help translate its technology to an industrial context.

Sphere Fluidics develops and manufactures Cyto-Mine®, an
automated platform which integrates screening, sorting, isolation and
clone verification. The system provides high-throughput single cell
analysis and monoclonality assurance for antibody discovery and cell
line development.

Dr Vaughan is Vice President R&D Antibody Discovery and Protein
Engineering for MedImmune, the global biologics research and development
arm of AstraZeneca. He has held several key roles in MedImmune where he
currently leads a team of 120 scientists. He has made a significant
contribution to the discovery of several clinical candidates, and has
authored numerous publications and patents. Prior to joining MedImmune,
Dr Vaughan was also a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Toronto
and a graduate of the University of Leeds Genetics Department.

Dr Frank Craig, CEO, Sphere Fluidics, said: "Dr Vaughan's
knowledge and expertise gained throughout his longstanding and
successful career in biopharmaceutical discovery and development will be
an invaluable addition to our board of scientific advisors. We look
forward to working with him to help strengthen the application of our
technology for the industry.

Dr Tris Vaughan, Scientific Advisory Board Member, Sphere Fluidics,
"I am delighted to have been invited to join the SAB for
Sphere Fluidics. I look forward to offering my input as the company
works to advance microfluidic picodroplet technology and improve upon
biotherapeutic discovery and development. It will be my pleasure to
collaborate with the Sphere Fluidics team and offer scientific direction
to the organization.

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