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Agriculture & Nutrition Opportunity Engine Series - Freedom Foods & Personalised Nutrition: 2018 Market Overview, Challenges and Opportunities -


The "Agriculture
and Nutrition Opportunity Engine Series - Freedom Foods and Personalised
Nutrition: Market Overview, Challenges, and Opportunities"

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This Growth Opportunity Series focuses on trends, challenges, and
opportunities in the freedom food and personalised nutrition markets. It
also identifies and profiles companies that are active in the markets,
taking advantage of the trends through innovation, and consequently
highlights opportunities that still exist in the market.

The freedom food market category is expected to continue to experience
growth as more relatively small companies enter the market and provide
innovative products. Furthermore, freedom food products now go beyond
catering to consumers with allergies and food intolerances and
increasingly benefit health-conscious consumers (a growing trend).

There is an established link between health and nutrition which has led
to the food and beverage industry to move towards individualised
nutrition, as people react to various foods differently when it comes to
the health benefits. This established link between health and nutrition
has led to the rise of the personalised nutrition/nutrigenomics trend,
which is mostly about the link between genes and nutrition.

However, personalised nutrition might still mean different things to
different people-ranging from personalised sizes of products to the use
of personal health data to recommend customised diets. Although
personalised nutrition is recognised as the future of the food and
beverage industry, it is yet to get into the mainstream, as the market
still has a number of challenges to circumvent. These challenges mostly
create opportunities for the market, and all these are discussed in this

It remains to be seen if this is really the future of healthy nutrition;
however, the concept continues to develop. Companies in the agriculture
and nutrition market space need to stay ahead of the competition by
exploring the ability of their products or services to cater to the
personalised nutrition market. While these two markets are expected to
grow considerably due to factors such as enhanced nutrition and health,
changing demographics, innovation, increasing research, and the rise of
Big Data plus access to information.

Strategic partnerships with the health sector and the coming together of
various technological innovations will support the growth of the freedom
and personalised nutrition markets. Furthermore, Big Data analytics and
capabilities will be valuable for the market growth in the personalised
nutrition market space.

Key Topics Covered

1. Executive Summary

2. Freedom Food

3. Selected Freedom Food Companies

4. Personalised Nutrition

5. Selected Personalised Nutrition Companies

6. Companies Exhibiting Best Practices

7. Growth Opportunity Overview

8. The Last Word

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