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2018 Outlook on Sustainability Indicators of UK Water Utilities - Mega Trends & Growth Opportunities -


The "2018
Outlook on Sustainability Indicators of UK Water Utilities"

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This study provides an outlook of the sustainability of UK's water
utilities. It covers some of the key sustainability indicators and
performance of water utilities with respect to these indicators and
solutions to address the issues faced by utilities with case studies.

The key themes that have been broadly classified under the

  • Protect and promote public health
  • Provide high-quality, reliable and value-for-money service
  • Response to climate change
  • Reducing environmental impacts.

The study also encompasses an executive summary indicating the average
performance of water utilities in terms of sustainability. It also
covers top sustainability trends of UK utilities, followed by top
predictions for the year 2018.

The study also elaborates on some of the critical future challenges that
will be faced by utilities. Some of these challenges include climate
change and adverse weather events, increase in population,
micropollutants, availability of water treatment chemicals due to
depleting resources, and water security. The most important challenge
faced by most utilities in the world is climate change. Its
implications-drought, flooding, depletion of water quality, and rise of
sea level-have been elaborated in the study.

The research service covers the Mega Trends that impact the
sustainability of UK water utilities. These include innovation to zero,
climate change, and smart is the new green. Key growth opportunities
include disruptive applications such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and
virtual reality. There are many AI and machine learning platforms in the
world working across many industries with information on companies that
are using AI to address pipe leakage. The study covers examples of water
utilities across the world that use virtual reality to perform operation
and maintenance of treatment plants.

The study provides a comparison of water utilities with respect to key
sustainability indicators. The exhibits also demonstrate how the
utilities have performed in the current year (2016-2017) compared to the
previous year (2015-2016).

Key Topics Covered

1. Executive Summary

2. UK Water Utilities - Future Challenges

3. Research Scope

4. UK Water Utilities - Sustainability Indicators Outlook

5. Protect and Promote Public Health Outlook

6. Provide High-quality, Reliable, and Value-for-money Service

7. Response to Climate Change

8. Reducing Environmental Impacts

9. Mega Trends

10. Growth Opportunities

11. Key Conclusions

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