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Golf Life Navigators Now Number 1 Innovative Solution for Providing Best-Matched Potential Members for Private Clubs in the Sun Belt


More than 7,000 avid golfers complete automated ProGuide3 questionnaire
in first year, leading Golf Life Navigators to capture more than 10
percent of market share among private clubs in Arizona, Florida and the

It didn't take long.

Only one year after automating its ProGuide3 questionnaire,
Golf Life Navigators is now recognized as the leading innovative
solution for providing best-matched potential members for private clubs
in the Sun Belt.

Since August 2017, more than 7,000 avid golfers have completed an
automated ProGuide3,
with 3-4 "best-matched" clubs generated for each golfer who's seeking
their ideal golf club membership in the Sun Belt. That latent demand has
caught the attention of more than 110 private clubs in Arizona, Florida
and the Carolinas, all of which have become Golf Life Navigators'
Showcase Clubs over the past year.

"We're very pleased that the automated ProGuide3 has
been widely embraced by avid golfers," says PGA Professional Jason
Becker, CEO of Golf Life Navigators. "But what really excites us is
partnering with over 10 percent of private clubs in the states we serve.
We anticipate growing to 500 Showcase Clubs in the next 12 months."

Golf Life Navigators was founded by grassroots PGA Professionals,
General Managers and Membership Directors. Since the advent of the
automated ProGuide3,
Becker proudly points to the fact that the questionnaire has helped
private clubs of all levels to discover and communicate with highly
vetted, prospective members.

"Our Golf Life Navigators' Showcase Club is an innovative solution that
provides clubs with increased exposure to the market place, valuable
consumer data, and perhaps most importantly, best-matched potential club
members," says Becker. "Ultimately, that will lead to vibrant private
clubs with happy and loyal members for many years to come."

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