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Sovrn Releases OneTag to Help Publishers Grow Their Business


Sovrn, which offers products and services to more than 25,000
independent online publishers, announced today the official release of
OneTag, a unified mechanism to simplify the installation, management,
and reporting of multiple products and functionality on publisher sites.

Publishers adopting OneTag will immediately get access to three of
Sovrn's core products with a single line of code: VET Reload (Viewable
Engagement Time); Header Complete, Sovrn's full-service header bidding
wrapper; and Sovrn Consent Management, (CMP for GDPR compliance). These
and other products are now available via OneTag, with more following
soon. Publishers need only implement a single line of code on their page
in order to use, configure, and manage one or more of these Products.

"For any publisher, installing additional code on page is the single
most common barrier to testing and integrating new products," says Owen
McGrath, Senior Product Manager at Sovrn. "The technical due diligence,
integration, and troubleshooting work always places a heavy burden on
publisher engineering teams. OneTag solves this problem, enabling
publishers to easily test, tune, and deploy new products quickly and

More than 180 publishers are now using OneTag, each with at least one of
Sovrn's products enabled. With the general availability of OneTag, all
publishers now have an easy way to test and deploy additional products:
they simply log into their Sovrn dashboard and activate them. If they
don't like the performance, they can simply pause or disable the
products with a click.

Jan van der Crabben, CEO & Founder of Ancient History Encyclopedia was
an early OneTag adopter who saw results. "We implemented Sovrn's OneTag
as soon as it became available, and it's a great way to increase
revenue," he says. "Using the VET Reload technology, it's possible to
have ads reload while in-view and with engaged readers, generating
additional impressions and revenue." Van der Crabben also notes that
Sovrn's tools, now available in OneTag, extend beyond monetization:
"with Sovrn Consent Management, you're all set for GDPR compliance. All
of this with a single JavaScript tag and easy online management."

Beyond the ease of integration and testing, OneTag also streamlines the
process of keeping software up to date. New features, bug fixes and
updates are all pushed directly from the server, relieving the publisher
from any ongoing engineering burden.

Publishers interested in learning more about OneTag, or testing new
solutions should get
in touch with the Sovrn team


About Sovrn

Sovrn gives publishers and content creators products & services to
make money;
grow their audience; manage their ad operations; and
improve their cash flow, all underpinned by a massive data commons for
extraordinary analytics & insights. Sovrn is headquartered in Boulder,
Colorado, with offices in Denver, New York and London.

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