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Quantzig, a global analytics solutions provider, has announced the
completion of their latest article on the major
benefits of web analytics tools for business growth

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Top 5 Benefits of Using Web Analytics Tools (Graphic: Business Wire)

Top 5 Benefits of Using Web Analytics Tools (Graphic: Business Wire)

At present, for any business to evaluate its digital presence, web
analytics tools have become very significant. It helps examine several
things like the source of visitors, number of visitors, page views, and
scrutinize their action on the website. So, it has become very vital for
the digital marketers to evaluate the reports produced by several web
analytics tools to make the essential changes in the strategy and take
instant actions for better and improved outcomes.

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According to the analytics experts at Quantzig,
"The data gathered equips businesses with the ability to
decide what's working and where there is scope for improvement."

Major benefits of web analytics tools for
business growth

Analyze the traffic of websites: Traffic is the most important
metric to measure the performance of any website. It is very easy to
track traffic to your website with the help of various web analytics
tools. A good amount of traffic to any website specifies its growth;
while, less traffic is a sign of the inactivity or decline of the
website. It helps in planning the marketing campaigns consequently.
Similarly, web analytics tools help track the repetitive, exclusive, and
return visitors. If the number of repeat visitors is more, then it
specifies that your website is positive in retaining visitors but isn't
doing well when it comes to appealing to new visitors. This can further
help in developing new strategies to fetch attention of new eyes to your
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  • Ascertain the source of traffic: To know the source of your
    website traffic is one of the very significant factors to progress
    your website's performance. Web analytics tools help in dividing
    traffic into groups like referral, organic, social, and direct.
    Organic is determined through a search engine and this helps you to
    understand the ranking of your website in the search engine. Referral
    traffic comes from a different website, which is either connected to
    your content or you have written a guest post on their website. Social
    traffic comes from many social media platforms through your posts that
    have been shared. This helps in understanding how appealing your posts
    on social networks are. Last but not the least, is direct traffic,
    which helps you classify how many people are directly typing the name
    of your website in their browser and landing on the page of your
    website. This is a sign of the loyal following of your website. Get
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    analytics tools for business growth.
  • Bounce rate tracking: Web analytics tools help you understand
    how many visitors are exiting your website instantly after arriving.
    Lower bounce rate specifies that your website is able to engage and
    occupy the visitors for a longer time. Bounce rate is different for
    different pages like blogs and landing pages. There are many reasons
    for high bounce rate like inappropriate keywords, slow loading of your
    website pages, broken links, inappropriate content, and many more.
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    web analytics tools for business growth.

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