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2 Day Conference: Fundamentals of The Texas ERCOT Electric Power Market -


The "Fundamentals
of The Texas ERCOT Electric Power Market"
conference has been
added to's offering.

Understand the basic workings of the dynamic Texas wholesale and retail
markets and learn how the ERCOT ISO operates.

Understand, enhance and apply knowledge of how ERCOT's Day-Ahead,
Real-time, Settlement activities, Retail operations and related costs
and operations impact retail market operation, costs, billing and tariff

Benefit from a solid understanding of how the ERCOT market is organized,
operates and is coordinated on a wholesale and retail level.

Understand and apply how wholesale industry operations are synchronized
with retail markets, market settlements, and ERCOT's retail operations
in the Nodal Market Structure.

What You Will Learn

  • ERCOT Structures, Market Functions and Stakeholders
  • Nodal System: LMPs, Congestion Management and CRRs
  • Power Transactions at the Wholesale Level and How it Works
  • Bilateral and Auction Markets - how they work
  • Day-Ahead and Real-Time Markets: Energy, Ancillary Services and
  • Settlement Processes and Who Gets Paid What
  • Wholesale Pricing, Retail Market Functions, ERCOT structures for
    Retail Business
  • Current and Future Issues

You Will Also Learn

  • Highlights of the move from a "Zonal" to a "Nodal" Market Design.
  • What changed after the move to a Nodal Market Design and major
    transactional differences.
  • Wholesale Balancing and the importance of the QSEs' role.
  • The workings and relationship of the Day-ahead and Real-time Markets.
  • What the "Shadow Price" is, and why it is important and it's
    relationship to LMP.
  • ERCOT's Zonal and Local Congestion Management procedures.
  • The functions and importance of Congestion Revenue Rights.
  • The key wholesale market Settlement activities under the Nodal Market.
  • How ERCOT's retail market works and what's going on in this market.
  • What Generation, Transmission and infrastructure issues ERCOT faces
    now and over the next ten years.

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