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Three Day Energy Statistical Analysis Seminar & Workshop -


The "Three
Days: Energy Statistical Analysis Seminar and Workshop"

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This comprehensive three-day program is designed to provide a solid
understanding of key statistical and analytic tools used in the energy
and electric power markets. Through a combination of lecture and
hands-on exercises that you will complete using your own laptop,
participants will learn and practice key energy applications of
statistical modeling. Be armed with the tools and methods needed to
properly analyze and measure data to reduce risk and increase earnings
for your organization.

Learn why companies continue to be exposed to significant energy and
electricity related price risk, and how risk and value are properly
quantified. Energy and electricity companies worldwide depend on
accurate information about the risks and opportunities facing day to day
decisions. Statistical analysis is frequently misapplied and many
companies find that "a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing."

What You Will Learn

  • Correlation & regression analysis; real option analysis; the
    Black-Scholes option pricing model; binomial trees; GARCH Models; the
    measurement of energy price risk; and how to use correlation and
    regression analysis for maintaining a competitive edge.
  • Workshop exercises will have you building forecast models including
    time series and financial engineering price models including Geometric
    Brownian Motion and Mean Reversion Jump Diffusion.
  • How to minimize price risk through operational design flexibility;
    measure forward price volatility and adapt Value-at-Risk concepts
    (VaR) for the Energy Industry.
  • Workshop exercises will have you building VaR models, calculating
    volatility and simulating complex energy projects.
  • Use actual case studies to examine 1) how Monte Carlo simulation is
    used to value renewable energy, demand response programs and energy
    storage projects; 2) bench-marking techniques used for estimating the
    incremental cost savings of expanding existing operations; and 3)
    real-option value of generation assets and power purchase agreements.
  • Actual workshop problems and case studies will look at statistical
    applications and tools most frequently used in the energy industry.
  • Learn the four manage statistical metrics.

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