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2 Day Seminar: Understanding the NAESB Master Agreement for Natural Gas & NGLs -


The "Understanding
the NAESB Master Agreement for Natural Gas & NGLs"

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This seminar will provide a detailed review of the NAESB provisions and
identify the most relevant shortcomings that can be remedied in the
special provisions to the master agreement. It will also provide insight
into the best practices and standards for drafting effective transaction
confirmations, netting agreements, and asset management agreements
frequently used in the gas marketing process.

This seminar also will outline practical steps to addressing the
relevant operational issues such as natural gas capacity curtailments,
force majeure events, natural gas buy-backs, and bookouts.

Additionally, the seminar will outline the best practices for managing
various risk aspects of the Dodd-Frank Act, FERC and CFTC
anti-manipulation rules, as well as the relevant court rulings impacting
natural gas trading and compliance.


NAESB Master Agreement Provisions

  • Review all standard provisions and identify potential shortcomings.
  • Analyze some common NAESB special provisions and examine the best
    practices for ensuring legal certainty and enforceability of the NAESB
  • Identify some practical steps to ensure enterprise wide consistency
    and uniformity of the NAESB provisions.
  • Examine various operational factors impacting NAESB transactions
    including, but not limited to selling and buying natural gas at
    illiquid delivery points, pipeline curtailments and force majeure
    events, natural gas buy-backs and swing volume adjustments, asset
    management agreements and capacity releases, buying and selling
    intra-day gas, volumetric adjustments in physically settled
    transactions, and many more.
  • and more...

Credit Risk Management and Bankruptcy Considerations

  • Understanding the NAESB implications on credit, collateral, and margin
  • Developing and implementing consistent terms and conditions for
    responding to margin/collateral calls and demands for adequate
  • Examining the pros and cons of various credit terms and conditions
    often embedded in standardized energy contracts and definitions
    including material adverse change, adequate assurances, and exposure
  • The application of bankruptcy law and principles to forward contracts,
    physically settled commodity options, netting agreements, and exchange
    agreements in light of the latest regulatory changes.
  • The latest court rulings on energy trading matters, including the
    status of cross-affiliate setoff provisions in energy trading
  • and more...

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