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2 Day Event: Today's Natural Gas Industry, New Regulatory & Pipeline Dynamics, and How Physical Transactions are Done -


The "Today's
Natural Gas Industry, New Regulatory & Pipeline Dynamics, and How
Physical Transactions are Done"
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This comprehensive and clearly explained program is for professionals
who are seeking an in-depth understanding of today's North American
natural gas industry and want to be up and running to make intelligent
and prudent trading and buying decisions.

Learn how the transportation/delivery infrastructure works and how deals
are done. Know who the natural gas market participants are and how
commercial transactions occur along each segment of the value chain.

Understand and apply your knowledge of how the wholesale natural gas and
transportation markets operate and where the new opportunities are in
today's dynamic natural gas marketplace.

You will be more confident and benefit from knowing comprehensive
nuts-and-bolts fundamentals through to understanding physical
transactions and strategies to start making money and avoiding costly

What You Will Learn

  • A detailed understanding of all parts of the natural gas value chain,
    infrastructure components and how the natural gas industry operates
    across the value chain spectrum.
  • What natural gas is, how it is created, the different "types" of
    natural gas based on various factors and sources, terminology,
    measurements and conversions.
  • The essential of understanding how gas is used, by whom and what are
    demand drivers and related issues.
  • The basics of natural gas production, drilling techniques and economic
    and market issues around production operations in different types of
    production basins that impact supply availability.
  • What does the unprecedented growth of unconventional gas supplies mean
    for the future of natural gas production and how it is change
    infrastructures, pipeline flows and delivery options.
  • The issues and dilemmas the industry faces in obtaining supply from
    new plays with new production technologies and understanding what
    reserves are and the various definitions and estimation methods.
  • and much, much more...


  • Day One - Supply, Infrastructures, Operations and Regulatory Issues
  • Day Two - Transportation, Capacity, Wholesale Market Operations and

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