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VitalSource Simplifies Courseware Integrations


In partnership with Pearson, VitalSource streamlines access for
students and instructors

VitalSource announced today it will simplify courseware integrations by
removing barriers to access for students and instructors and
streamlining administrative setup for institutions.

Beginning this month, VitalSource will pilot these new integrations with
Pearson, the largest higher education publisher in North America,
offering seamless access to MyLabs, Mastering, and Revel courseware
products for students and instructors via a single integration.

"Ensuring course materials are affordable and accessible for
students is our driving focus at VitalSource. Making it easier for
students to get their materials is just common sense," said Dr.
Michael Hale, VitalSource Vice President of Education. "VitalSource is
leading the marketplace by removing friction and simplifying the process
for students, instructors, college stores, campus IT and publishers.
Above all else, we want to help students succeed, and this partnership
with Pearson is an important step toward this goal."

Courseware integrations within learning management systems (LMS) can be
time consuming for campus technology and publishers. The student and
instructor experience often involves cumbersome access codes and course
keys that present a variety of customer challenges that can prevent
day-one access to required learning materials.

The integrations announced today will eliminate access codes and course
keys, making it easier for students to obtain the content required for
academic success.

In addition, the new VitalSource-powered integrations will:

  • Remove the need for instructors to serve as tech support for students;
  • Eliminate four to six weeks of integration work between institutions
    and publishers; and
  • Allow Pearson to focus on developing quality content, not cumbersome
    technological integrations.

These courseware integrations will leverage VitalSource's significant
capabilities for deep-linking and grade sync from courseware products
back to the LMS.

"By seamlessly integrating Pearson's Inclusive Access program into an
institution's existing channel partners, we are removing another barrier
for students to get the course materials they need to succeed, on the
first day of class and at affordable prices," said John Tweeddale,
Senior Vice President, Higher Education Services at Pearson.
"VitalSource has played a key role in delivering our world class content
for many years, and as a partner on this new integration, they will
allow us to scale up our programs more efficiently and more quickly than
ever before."

VitalSource has delivered 3 million products from more than 1,800
publisher partners to more than 25 million users. The company's efforts
to simplify the course materials experience was recently highlighted in
the IMS Global Learning Consortium's annual

VitalSource leverages many IMS Global standards; their largest
adoption by far is Learning Tools Interoperability, which provides the
foundation for a seamless single sign-on and content provisioning
experience for users launching from an LMS to learning tools such as
Bookshelf®. [These] integrations save time, effort, and headache, and
allow schools, educators, and technology partners to focus on what is
really important—teaching and learning.

VitalSource users have viewed 3.3 billion pages, completed 470 million
study sessions, and made 238 million notes and highlights in the last
year alone.

About VitalSource |

VitalSource Technologies LLC, part of Ingram Content Group, is improving
the learning experience by making it easier to create and deliver
effective and affordable content. The preferred choice among educational
institutions and companies for digital learning materials, VitalSource®
helps over 1,000 educational content providers create and deliver
seamless interactive learning experiences through its exclusive
Bookshelf® platform to millions of learners at 7,000 institutions.
Bookshelf users opened more than 20 million digital textbooks last year
and read more than 3.3 billion pages. Follow VitalSource on Twitter at @VitalSource.

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