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Fairbanks Energy Services and RENEW Energy Partners Help Chelsea, Massachusetts-Based Signature Breads Save Over Two Million Kilowatt Hours Through Energy Efficiency Upgrades


Design and installation of LED Lighting and Building Management
System by leading energy conservation provider has yielded an annual
saving of more than $200,000 while securing utility incentives and
rebates of more than $320,000

Energy Services
, a full-service design/build energy conservation
firm and developer of comprehensive commercial and industrial efficiency
projects, announced today the completion of extensive energy efficiency
upgrades for the 280,000 square foot manufacturing facility of Signature
, an independent, employee-owned commercial bakery. RENEW
Energy Partners
, a firm specializing in energy-efficiency-as-a
-service, provided the turnkey project development, funding and services
contract for the project.

The LED lighting upgrade took place throughout the entire 280,000 square
foot facility and included lighting controls where needed. In addition
to the production facility, lighting of the reception areas, hallways,
office space, server room, bathrooms and parking lot were also upgraded.
In all, more than 1,200 fixtures were replaced.

In addition to the LED lighting project, a Building Management System
(BMS) was installed which can be accessed through the Signature Breads'
VPN, enabling the company to dynamically control various operations
within the facility to maintain maximum efficiency. The BMS also
provides the operation's team with snapshot of equipment operating
status, as well as the ability to modify schedules and setpoints.
Additionally, the upgrades will provide a better working environment for
the company's employees.

"Signature Breads is extremely happy with the efficiency upgrades that
Fairbanks Energy designed and implemented," said Tony Rodriguez,
Managing Partner of Signature Breads. "Not only will these upgrades have
a significant impact on our bottom line, they will also reduce our
energy consumption while providing employees with a more comfortable
working environment."

The results of both the LED lighting retrofit and BMS installation are
vast and the RENEW Energy Service Agreement provides Signature Breads
with no up-front investment and immediate annual savings. Under the
RENEW efficiency-as-as-service model, RENEW funds, owns and operates the
energy conservation measures and charges a service fee that is less than
the savings generated.

"RENEW was thrilled to partner with Fairbanks Energy and Signature
Breads to deliver energy savings, operational improvement and carbon
reductions through our RENEW It Now approach," said Stephen Pritchard,
Principal and Co-Founder of RENEW.

"Fairbanks Energy is very pleased with the results from this energy
efficiency upgrade, as well as the sizeable incentives that we were able
to secure on behalf of Signature Breads," said Peter Fairbanks,
President of Fairbanks Energy Services. "Signature Breads' comprehensive
efficiency efforts will continue to yield numerous benefits for years to
come from both an environmental standpoint, as well as a bottom line

About Fairbanks Energy Services

Fairbanks Energy Services is a full-service design/build energy
conservation firm dedicated to providing cost-effective retrofit
solutions for our clients. Our comprehensive approach and deep knowledge
of federal, state and municipal incentive programs allows us to
identify, develop and install solutions that maximize savings while
minimizing capital outlay. The team's 30 years of experience in
providing energy conservation services for commercial and industrial
clients throughout the country allows Fairbanks Energy to create
energy-saving solutions that are also aligned with the comfort,
aesthetics, and budgetary needs of clients and their employees.

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About RENEW Energy Partners

RENEW Energy Partners is a company committed to addressing the
challenges of climate change by accelerating the adoption of
energy-efficiency solutions. The company has raised a
multi-million-dollar capital pool from "impact investors" which it uses,
in combination with its turnkey energy-efficiency services and industry
partnerships, to fully fund and execute energy-efficiency projects for
building owners.

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