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Talari Receives Recommended Rating from NSS Labs in Industry's First SD-WAN Group Test Results


Talari's 1 of Only 3 Products Out of 9 Tested to Receive
"Recommended" Rating

Talari Networks – the leader in Failsafe SD-WANs™ – announced today that
it received a "Recommended"
Rating from NSS Labs
in its first-ever Software-Defined Wide Area
Network (SD-WAN) Group Test.

NSS Labs, Inc. is a global leader and trusted source for independent,
fact-based cybersecurity guidance. In this groundbreaking, inaugural
test, nine of the industry's leading SD-WAN products were examined to
help enterprises understand the merits of products in the market and
identify the capabilities best suited to meet their use case

Talari's SD-WAN offering was 1 of only 3 out of 9 products tested to
receive the coveted "Recommended" rating. The NSS Labs Tests covered key
areas of differentiation for SD-WAN products on Quality of Experience
(QoE) for VoIP, QoE for video, and network performance.

The NSS Labs SD-WAN Group Test provides the most comprehensive
independent technical research available of SD-WAN products on the
market today and is based upon hundreds of hours of rigorous testing.
NSS Labs is committed to providing empirical data and objective group
test results that enable organizations to make educated decisions about
purchasing and optimizing security infrastructure products and services.
As with all NSS Labs Group Tests, there is no fee for
, and the test methodology is available in the
public domain
 to provide transparency and to help enterprises
understand the factors behind test results.

"While the SD-WAN market is growing quickly, it has also gotten muddled
by the sheer number of vendors claiming to have a high-quality
enterprise solution." said Talari CEO Patrick Sweeney. "The NSS Labs
SD-WAN Group Test provides greater clarity by giving hard core technical
answers on which vendors meet the needs of enterprises, versus other
SD-WAN products that can't pass, or will not submit to, independent

Failsafe SD-WAN technology that delivers MPLS-class high availability
and QoE for enterprise WANs using Internet connections to augment and/or
replace their low bandwidth, expensive MPLS circuits is critical for
enterprises seeking to adopt SD-WANs for the various benefits they
deliver without sacrificing uptime or performance predictability
for both interactive and real-time applications.

"The SD-WAN market holds strong potential and there are several
impressive technologies available today for companies seeking to enhance
or replace traditional WAN deployments," said Jason Brvenik, Chief
Technology Officer at NSS Labs. "The NSS Labs 2018 SD-WAN Group Test is
the industry's first baseline assessment of these technologies. Our
testing validates that this is a technology that is ready for prime

More information on Talari's detailed results, comparative test results
and the test methodology used can be obtained from Talari's website.

About Talari

Talari is the leader in Failsafe SD-WANs™ that deliver both MPLS-class
high availability and high QoE (Quality of Experience) predictable
application performance for both TCP-based apps and real-time apps like
VoIP and videoconferencing, whether built on a hybrid MPLS plus Internet
WAN fabric, or a WAN comprised of only Internet connections. Talari
technology delivers a multi-link WAN with 50 - 400 times more bandwidth
per dollar, WAN cost reductions of 40% - 80%, and greater network
reliability and superior application QoE than any single MPLS network.
Talari is deployed in over 500 customers in more than 9,000 locations in
over 40 countries, and boasts a 90+ NPS (Net Promoter Score). For more
information, visit

About NSS Labs, Inc.

NSS Labs, Inc. is recognized globally as the most trusted source for
independent, fact-based cybersecurity guidance. Our mission is to
advance transparency and accountability within
the cybersecurity industry. Our unmatched foundation
in security testing, along with our extensive research and global threat
analysis capabilities, provide the basis for NSS Labs' Cloud Platform
for Continuous Security Validation. This cloud platform empowers
enterprises with objective, empirical data and allows them to gain
continuous visibility, gather actionable insights, and rationalize
investments in their cyber programs. The cloud platform lets enterprises
know where they stand by continuously validating the effectiveness of
their security products and assessing the impact of unmitigated risks to
the enterprise stack. This gives business leaders the relevant
information they need to substantiate their security investments. CISOs,
Chief Security Architects, SOC and Threat Analysts, and information
security professionals from many of the world's largest and most
demanding enterprises rely on trusted information from NSS Labs. For
more information, visit

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