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Working Instead of Playing – Korn Ferry Survey Finds Half of Professionals Argue with Their Spouse About Staying Too Connected to the Office During Vacation


-- Nearly Two-Thirds Have Cut Short or Cancelled Vacations Due to
Work Pressures --

-- Only 2 Percent Do Not Check in With the Office While Away –-

-- Nearly Three-Quarters Would Prefer More Salary to More Vacation
Days --

As millions of Americans flock to beaches, national parks and big-city
tourist attractions to sneak in late summer vacations, a new Korn
(NYSE:KFY) survey of professionals finds that working when
they are supposed to be relaxing creates family conflict.

Half of the respondents to the July 2018 survey said that being too
connected to work has created disagreements with their spouse.

According to the survey, staying in touch with work is more the norm
than the exception. Nearly half (48 percent) of those surveyed said they
check in with the office multiple times a day, and only 2 percent say
they never check in while on vacation. A full third of respondents say
they work while on vacation because they enjoy it.

"Those who feel they must always be in touch with the office are missing
a critical point," said Korn Ferry Senior Principal Mark Royal.
"Professionals who can turn off the demands of work – even for short
periods of time – will be more engaged and productive in the long run."

Nearly two-thirds of respondents (63 percent) say they have cut short
vacations due to occupational demands and pressure to perform at work.
Nearly half (45 percent) do not plan on using all of their vacation
time, and nearly three quarters (73 percent) said they would prefer a
higher salary to more vacation days.

"Clearing the deck for a week off is hard work. But planning better for
downtime and negotiating set plug-in times with family and friends when
keeping in contact with the office is a must," said Royal. "It can help
professionals focus on the scenery instead of the screen."

About the survey

There were 1,454 responses to the online executive survey, which took
place in July 2018. Please note that due to rounding responses may not
equal 100 percent.

Survey Responses

While on vacation, how often do you connect to work?

Multiple times a day 48 percent
Once a day 31 percent
A few times per week 14 percent
Once a week 4 percent
Never 2 percent

While on vacation, have you ever had a disagreement with your
spouse about being too connected to work

Yes 50 percent
No 50 percent

If you work while on vacation, what's your primary reason for
doing so?

Too much work to do/Increased workload upon return 25 percent
Putting out fires: I get pulled into critical issues 37 percent
I enjoy it 33 percent
I worry people will make wrong decisions without my input 4 percent
I worry other people will get assignments I want 1 percent

After returning to work from vacation, how long does it
typically take you to "get back into the swing of things?"

No time 34 percent
One day 52 percent
One week 14 percent
Two weeks 0 percent
More than a month 0 percent

Do you plan to use all of your available vacation time in 2017?

Yes 55 percent
No 45 percent

Would you rather have a salary increase or more vacation days?

Salary increase 73 percent
More vacation days 27 percent

Have you cancelled, delayed or cut short personal vacation
plans due to occupational demands or pressure to perform at work?

Yes 63 percent
No 37 percent

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