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Fluorocarbon compounds containing polymer with additional
characteristics such as high mechanical strength, low coefficient of
friction, excellent electrical insulation, resistance against chemical
environment and elevated temperature is commonly referred high
performance fluoropolymers.

Polyvinyl tetrafluoro ethylene is likely to be more demanding in terms
of value and volume owing to its vast applications area along with
excellent properties such as chemical resistance, and low cost as
compared to other fluoropolymers. It is most extensively used polymer
for dental filling, cookware, nonstick pans, water proof clothing, etc.

Fluorinated ethylene propylene is the clearest plastic among high
performance fluoropolymers and provides stress cracking resistance, as
well as anti-corrosion property to tubes, sheets, and liners.

The largest market for high performance fluoropolymers is currently owed
by North America owing to its increasing economic advancement and huge
demand from a wide range of industries such as electrical and
electronics, chemical, and automobiles. Asia Pacific is also likely to
emerge as the most significant market for high performance
fluoropolymers in the forecasted period 2024.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Technology Overview

1.1. Introduction

1.2. Objective & Scope

1.3. Research Methodology

2. High Performance Fluoropolymers application-based segments

2.1. Coatings

2.2. Mechanical Parts & Component

2.3. Film

2.4. Additives

3. High Performance Fluoropolymers:

3.1. Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene

3.2. Perfluoroalkoxy Polymer

3.3. Polytetrafluoroethylene

3.4. Polyethylenetetrafluoroethylene

4. High Performance Fluoropolymers: IP Trends

4.1. Geographic Activity

4.2. Technology Breakdown- Distribution of High Performance

4.3. Collaborations/Acquisitions/Licensing Activity of top ten players
in Sugar reduction technology

4.4. Sugar reduction Technology based comparison between top players

5. High Performance Fluoropolymers: Recent Advancement

5.1. New technique to manufacture High Performance Fluoropolymers

5.2. Advance form of High Performance Fluoropolymers for medicinal

5.3. High performance fluoropolymer resins for long life coating.

5.4. PTFE's high chemical resistance for food processing industries.

6. Recent activities in High Performance Fluoropolymers

6.1 Contract/funding information

6.2. Partnership/Collaboration/Licensing

6.3. New emerging technologies

6.4. Undergoing research activities

7. High Performance Fluoropolymers - Opinions from Experts

8. High Performance Fluoropolymers - Collaboration Insights

9. Strategies of Companies working in High Performance

10. Recent High-Performance Fluoropolymers Product Developments

10.1. Product overview

10.2. Company information

11. Global Trends High Performance Fluoropolymers Market

12. High Performance Fluoropolymers: Top Industrial Players

12.1. Solvay

12.2. 3M

12.3. Dupont

12.4. Shamrock Technologies

12.5. The Chemours Company

12.6. Daikin Industries

12.7. Agcce

12.8. Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd

12.9. Hubei Everflon Polymer Co

12.10. Shanghai 3F New Materials Co

13. High Performance Fluoropolymers - Market Determinants

14. High Performance Fluoropolymers -Opportunity Vs. Restraints

15. High Performance Fluoropolymers: Strategic Analysis SWOT &

16. High Performance Fluoropolymers Development (2015-2020)

17. Conclusion

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